State Street Advisory Committee Applications Available

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The Council of the City of Santa Barbara is inviting members of the community to apply to the City’s State Street Advisory Committee (SSAC) to guide the production of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan.

The Advisory Committee will provide input and recommendations of the creation of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan to address the following elements:

  • Streetscape Design and Amenities
  • Transportation and Circulation
  • Housing and Redevelopment Opportunities
  • Economic Development
  • Historic Resources
  • Equity and Accessibility
  • Homeless Strategies
  • Public and Performing Arts

The City Council seeks a diverse group of people to review professional and community input and provide guidance of the Downtown State Street Area Master Plan. The Council seeks people whose professional experience, education, as well as community and stakeholder representation will help guide the Master Plan development. Advisory Committee members should have a demonstrated interest in Downtown Santa Barbara, design, commercial districts and urban planning. The Council wants the membership of the Downtown State Street Area Master Plan Advisory Committee to be broad-based and representative of the many stakeholders in the community.  U.S. citizenship is not required. 

Applications are due by 5:00 PM on May 20, 2021. City Council may decide to extend this application deadline, however, interviews for the SSAC are tentatively scheduled for June 8, 2021. Applications can be found at: Please reach out to the City Clerk’s office at or 805-564-5309 with questions. 

El Consejo de la Ciudad de Santa Bárbara invita a miembros de la comunidad a presentar una solicitud para servir en el Comité Asesor de la Calle State Street (SSAC, por sus siglas en inglés) para guiar la producción de un plan maestro del área central de State Street. 

El Comité Asesor proporcionará aportes y recomendaciones para la creación de un plan maestro del área central de State Street para abordar los siguientes elementos:

    •    Diseño y comodidades del paisaje urbano

    •    Transporte y circulación

    •    Oportunidades de vivienda y reurbanización

    •    Desarrollo económico

    •    Recursos históricos

    •    Equidad y accesibilidad

    •    Estrategias para personas sin hogar

    •    Artes públicas y escénicas 

El Consejo Municipal busca un grupo diverso de personas para revisar los aportes de los profesionales y de la comunidad y brindar orientación sobre el plan maestro del área central de State Street. El Consejo busca personas cuya experiencia profesional, educación, así como la representación de la comunidad y las partes interesadas ayudarán a guiar el desarrollo del plan maestro. Los miembros del Comité Asesor deben tener un interés demostrado en el centro de Santa Bárbara, el diseño, los distritos comerciales y la planificación urbana. El Consejo quiere que la membresía del plan maestro del área central de State Street sea de base amplia y representativa de las muchas partes interesadas en la comunidad. No se requiere ciudadanía estadounidense.

Las solicitudes deben presentarse antes de las 5:00 p.m. del 20 de mayo de 2021. El Consejo puede decidir extender este plazo de solicitud, sin embargo, las entrevistas para el SSAC están programadas tentativamente para el 8 de junio de 2021.  Las solicitudes se pueden encontrar en: Comuníquese con la oficina del Secretario de la Ciudad en o al 805-564-5309 si tiene preguntas.

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smary Apr 24, 2021 09:12 AM
State Street Advisory Committee Applications Available

so sick of PR cr*p from the city. What's the grand total for paid advice which was ignored??? Stop wasting our time and money. Your time to act has passed. NEW LEADERSHIP needed meaning we have none right now.

Bird Apr 24, 2021 08:33 AM
State Street Advisory Committee Applications Available

Keep in mind that this “broad-based” committee will be dominated by 3 Councilmembers, one of whom very likely will be Michael Jordan, another of whom will be Alejandra Gutierrez, and, worst of worse, maybe Meagan Harmon — plus 3 or four business owners there (and that makes sense since the property adjoining the street is privately owned.)

It's in the El Pueblo Viejo but there's to be only one HLC member so we know what the council thinks of the fact that it is SB's history, its difference from Oxnard, for instance, or Goleta, that draws the visitors, tourists who used to spend the money here.

If the council really was interested in new and different ideas of how to rejuvenate and integrate into the EPC, if they really wanted public opinion, there would be no council members on this committee. Council members would be there as liaisons, there to listen and report back. Instead, ...!

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