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Solstice Parade Videos
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By Robert Bernstein

Once again I had the honor of riding my unicycle in the Grand Finale with Pali's giant inflatable art with aerial dancers. And once again I had the honor of also taking photos and videos of the parade before and afterwards!

It will take some time to edit my photos. But, for now, I want to share a few videos that I took of the 2022 Solstice Parade, back after a three-year break.

With the theme "Shine"! Starting with John Palminteri introducing the La Boheme opening act, along with Solstice Artistic Director Riccardo Morrison and Executive Director Robin Elander. And on to the start of the parade!

Here is more of the vastly numbered, talented and elaborately costumed La Boheme Dancers, choreographed and trained by Teresa Kuskey Nowak

Next came the Capoeira performers. A mix of martial arts and dance movement.

World Dance for Humanity showcased the need for humanity in Ukraine and in so many other places around the world.

Dusty Williams has perfected the construction of creative winged structures on wheels and that are worn. Solstice gave him a chance to show off quite an array of these works of art!

Following these winged creatures were butterfly dancers! I was not able to catch a video of them in the parade. But I did catch this video of them doing their full routine just before the parade!

Brazilian dancers are a popular part of Solstice! I was able to make a video of these Samba dancers before I had to run to make it barely in time to be in the parade!

When the parade ended, I ran back to make a video of the final few ensembles!

Starting with the Ducky Derby. If you remember the wonders of the original World of Magic store, you will remember co-owner Jeff Dutcher and the ever-entertaining employee Anne. Along with their silly music track! This video will bring back these people and this music! After Ducky Derby came the Pink Party which has been through many generations over recent years.

This year it was combined with Bike Delights. And the final part of this video shows Pali's Eternal Wedding Sundance on two floats, followed by a music float. The Eternal Wedding Sundance includes the actual structure used in the May wedding of Pali and Raven last month!

You can see them dancing in the video!

And here is one final epilogue. Gymnastics coach Brightly kindly performed a short aerial routine on top of one of Pali's floats! After tirelessly performing all the way in the parade!

Please stand by for my photos! – Robert Bernstein

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Gracenotes Jun 28, 2022 10:30 AM
Solstice Parade Videos

Due to a health condition, I was unable to attend the parade. So thanks to your videos, I feel like I was there. Thank you!

sbrobert Jun 28, 2022 12:50 PM
Solstice Parade Videos

CHICO, GRACE and KSC thank you for the very kind words. Please stand by for my photos! Editing is the big part of photography after hundreds of photos get taken!

Ahlia Jun 28, 2022 02:10 PM
Solstice Parade Videos

Thank you for posting these, even tho we saw the parade it goes by pretty fast and you miss a lot. ... I am disappointed tho' that you didn't include here my favorite part of every parade and that is Mariano's float and his dancers & drummers. I feel that they embody the very soul of what is Solstice Parade

sbrobert Jun 28, 2022 04:48 PM
Solstice Parade Videos

AHLIA, thank you for the kind words about my videos. Yes I would have loved to get video of Mariano's float. As I tried to explain, I had to run from the Samba dancers to barely get to my position in the parade to ride my unicycle. Five more seconds and I would have been late. As it was, I had to jump on our float and catch a ride to the starting line!

When I post my photos you will see that I at least got a photo of Mariano. He has been a very important part of Solstice for many years.

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