Sheriff’s Detectives Investigate Armed Robbery at Marijuana Cultivation Facility

Update by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office
1:00 p.m., June 12, 2018

At approximately 5:30 a.m. on June 9, 2018, four black male adult suspects entered a marijuana cultivation facility in the unincorporated area of Carpinteria. The suspects were detected by onsite security and an alarm was triggered. The security guard was detained by gunpoint. The suspects subsequently fled the area with some stolen property. The case is being actively investigated by Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Bureau. Because of the nature of the investigation, and its active status, no further details will be released at this time.

The Sheriff’s Office believes the suspects were targeting the specific business and does not believe there is a current threat to the unrelated business or residents in the community. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to please contact the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division at 805-681-4150 or to leave an anonymous tip call 805-681-4171. You can also leave an anonymous tip on our website at

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

6:00 a.m., June 9, 2018

Marijuana grow hit in the 1500 Block of Casitas Pass, four to five subjects dressed in black hit the grow. Alarm sounding.


Written by Roger

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  1. Now that it’s common knowledge that SB County is the California Grow Center, this is going to be a common law enforcement issue- stay tuned. Wait until all the “traveling pickers” come with their RV’s, camps and all the other good stuff that goes with the industry…

  2. Laurie – similar story where my 4 plant medically approved grow was raided by our Finest Men in Blue, who also tossed my house.
    After a full week of sorting through everything that had been dumped on our floors, we discovered the following items were missing – 2 sets of diamond stud earrings, one set of pearls belonging to my wife’s late aunt, a silly little coin collection I still had from my Boy scouts merit badge days, my Grandfather’s ruby and silver ring and a jar holding about 300 hundred dollars in “mad money”.
    I was furious – especially since charges were eventually dropped. Both of our Attorney’s refused to assist us in making a claim of theft against the LEO’s – said we would be targeted if we did.
    Democracy my rear end.

  3. This is only the beginning. Soon expect running gun battles on Foothill Road. Meanwhile the system that worked for decades was tossed by the gullible, unthinking voters who are so easy to fool ; led by the nose by big Farma-lotta-weed screw your community types. Send in the #DEA please before it gets totally out of hand. The growers, wholesalers, and retailers need to spend a long time in federal prison. SB city council, please protect the city and put the brakes on this debacle.

  4. “Running gun battles on Foothill…”. Talk about Reefer Madness. I can’t decide whether to upvote because it’s so comically absurd or downvote because it’s so comically absurd. This might be even better than the “veritable waterfall of dogs…” falling off the Wilcox cliffs statement that someone made a few years ago.

  5. I cannot wait for the bitcoin bubble to burst! More electricity is wasted “mining” bitcoins than is consumed by entire countries, which makes it environmentally as destructive as much conventional mining.

  6. Don’t blame a plant, or the farmers who grow legally.
    Take a look at State Street at last call on the weekend.
    A veritable war zone. Students, locals, and tourists all
    staggering about in a drunken stupor, unable to walk
    by themselves, oblivious to traffic, complete hazard to themselves and others.
    Meanwhile Law Enforcement, ambulances, and tow trucks all lurk within
    a block or two, waiting to predatorally extract thousands of dollars from the disoriented drunks,
    some of which will end up in the gutter and/or at Cottage, and/or jail.
    Meanwhile, thousands of people are relaxing at home or a friends with a plant, perhaps eating
    pizza or pasta, and watching a video or netflix at home, then falling asleep.
    Where is the boogeyman again?

  7. Your attention span appears to have snapped a cable. Pretty sure there’s no link in this story to alcohol use on State street. Are you suggesting armed thugs would be victimizing the inebriated masses on State street? Meanwhile the weed cartel is predatorally extracting millions of dollars from the well medicated and recreationally stupefied. I understand you want to defend your personal right to imbibe. Ditto for my redneck gun owning 2nd amendment touting friends who want us to believe its that there is not a gun problem, it’s a people problem, a mental health problem.

  8. Apparently you didn’t read my earlier post. Trotting out the Reefer Madness argument is so predictable any time someone is critical of anything marijuana related. What is different now post-legalization? Armed hoodlums, greenhouses full of weed vs. clandestine grows. NORMLization of marijuana use and the attendant attitudes. “It’s medicine” “It must be ok because it’s sold in storefronts”
    “Don’t blame a plant” ~Right~ As I tell my 2A touting, gun toting friends: I don’t want you to give up your guns(weed), I want to stop massacres of innocents(high schoolers burning it at break, a portion of the populace addicted, stupefied, and painfully unmotivated to get off the couch)

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