Sheriff’s Deputies Investigated Thefts and Burning of Pride Flags

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s deputies have concluded their investigation into two thefts of Pride Flags in the Los Olivos area. On July 28, 2022, deputies responded to the 2900-block of Nojoqui Avenue in Los Olivos to investigate a report of the theft of a pride flag. Deputies spent several days investigating the report including collecting physical evidence, interviewing victims and witnesses, and tracking down a video of the burning of a pride flag. As a result of their efforts, deputies identified two young adult suspects in the theft who admitted to an additional theft of a pride flag in the Ballard area as well as the burning of one of the flags in a video they shared on social media.

Sheriff’s deputies have been in consistent communication with the parties involved in this case as well as community leaders who have voiced concern about these incidents. The Sheriff’s Office takes these offenses seriously and the case has been submitted to the District Attorney’s Office requesting charges for 488PC – Petty Theft and 422.6(b) PC – Hate Crimes.


Written by sbsheriff

Press releases written by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

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  1. I grew up Christian but I don’t see anything Christian in the actions and words of the evangelical dingbats we have now. The gospel of wealth, hatred towards others, and narrow world view is getting obscene. Jesus broke bread with lepers, criminals, and other outcasts. When He comes back, do they seriously expect Him to give some clown like Joel Osteen a minute of His time? No, He is more likely to be dancing at a Pride parade lol.

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