Semi-Official Election Numbers Show Success for Some Incumbents and One Upset

Roy Lee, winner of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors District 1 election in 2024 (courtesy photo)

The Santa Barbara County Election Office released its semi-official results from Super Tuesday.

While just 23.32% of registered voters turned out for the March 5th Presidential Primary, the projected numbers appear to solidify most incumbent seats while causing a major upset for one.

Das Williams, County Supervisor for District 1, is trailing challenger Roy Lee by over four percentage points as of Tuesday evening. Lee has 7,495 votes to Williams’ 6,858, a lead of 637 votes.

The final count of mail-in ballots may take another week but some local media outlets are all but calling it a big surprise win for Lee.

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams (courtesy)

Incumbent 3rd District Supervisor Joan Hartmann has a strong lead over Republican investment banker Frank Troise and Lompoc mayor Jenelle Osborne. Hartmann currently has 60.36% of the vote to Troise’s 24.15% and Osborne’s 15.06%.

Bob Nelson, current 4th District Supervisor, has a commanding lead over Krishna Flores with nearly 75% of the vote.

Incumbent Gregg Hart for the State Assembly 37th District will likely keep his seat with 61.53% of the vote over Sari M. Domingues. Same goes for incumbent S. Monique Limón with 63.07% of the vote over Elijah Mack for State Senator 21st District

Incumbent Democrat Salud Carbajal has received over 55% of the vote and is headed for a runoff against Republican Thomas Cole, who received nearly 37%, this coming November. Peace activist Helena Pasquarella received nearly 8%.

For local measures, the City of Santa Barbara’s Measure A is primed to pass with almost 73% approval. The measure would amend the city charter concerning bids on city projects. Currently the charter states the city must accept the lowest bid. The amendment allows Public Works to select bids based on a variety of factors, not just price.

The full list of voting results as of Tuesday evening can be viewed here.

Let’s see how these semi-official results stack up against edhat’s semi-official election poll results.

Edhat readers gave Rep. Salud Carbajal 68%,  Monique Limón 72%, and Gregg Hart 72% in their respective races, which is pretty close.

In the County Supervisor races edhat readers pegged Joan Hartmann would lead with 71% and Bob Nelson with 57%.

For the most anticipated race between Das Williams and Roy Lee, edhatters gave the win to Lee with 70% of the vote. They may end up being right after all the ballots are counted.

Edhatters voted to approve Measure A by 51% and the state’s Prop 1 by 53%.

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  1. So much attention was given to the new lines that removed IV from the 3rd District. No one, including Das Williams, gave thought to the new lines in the 1st District. Previous Second District residents are no fans of Das. Carp residents are fed up and the Montecito Journal made feelings there known as well. Cannabis, Housing Element rezones and removing a well respected Montecito Planning Commissioner from her seat because two men didn’t like her, all played into this loss. This changes everything for Das and SB County. No more 3CE board, SBCAG, LAFCO etc for Mr Williams. Big loss for special interests. Big win for residents that want balanced representation.

  2. Finally brighter times ahead for Santa Barbara South County and particularly Carpinteria. Das Williams tried to ruin and run it into the ground with focus on personal gains. They should hold a big block party in Carp this weekend to celebrate his defeat. Good luck to Mr. Lee, we will all be watching closely.

  3. In my dealings with Das over the years he would often come up shake my hand, ask some perfunctory question, pretend to listen for a sentence or two, look around, and walk over to the next person that caught his eye. Rinse and repeat. Totally arrogant.

    Not sure how Roy will be but its time to let Das go get a job in the industry he loves so much-weed.

  4. Lee seems like a sincere, hardworking guy but his campaign was very negative with “Not Das” and “two faced” and “Tired of Das”. His campaign was light on what specifically he would do and how he would do it. The tone was unkind and way too negative. Das is not perfect and I understand Carp. frustrations with cannabis. Originally it was a bold idea to help get the cartels from growing it in our national forest and help out the Carp flower growers who were loosing that market. Das has experience, knowledge , a degree in environmental science, went to Berkley, SBCC, and UCSB. He hasn’t had it easy growing up. As a young SBCC student he slept in his car. He understands homelessness, affordable housing and similar issues from lived experience.

    • A lot of facts there. Many here don’t like the truth! Not my district and really not my circus, but I hope Lee is successful in his endeavors and this wasn’t purely a “anyone but Das” candidate. I’m sure he’ll do well.

    • Lovesbalot, did you ever talk to Roy? Did you ever ask him specific questions? I did. It wasn’t hard to find him.

      Beyond that, election over. If he is your Supervisor (I am in his district) I am confident that you will be able to interact with him and his office and present any concerns you may have.

      And, what you call “negative campaigning” other people might consider to be truth telling. So, maybe give Roy a chance to do his new job.

    • Keep in mind, Lee lives in Carpinteria and owns a business in Carpinteria. The people of Carp are fed up with Das’ and his cannabis BS. Lee is merely representing the community that Das sold down the river and they have every right to be pissed and call hm out for that.
      And yes, Das as an admirable background story. But we ALL have background stories. That doesn’t mean he’s somehow immune to being a jerk because he lived in his car for a short time while a college kid.

  5. I believe that Das is ethically challenged. I remember when he was elected to the Assembly, the very first thing he did was go to the annual lobbyist/Legislature get-together in Hawaii. Four days of schmoozing and getting greased up by the lobbyists. He would probably say, “All legislators do it” and “I need to get to know people in Sacramento”. But he could have refused to go as a matter of principle.
    Then there was the expose in the LA Times about his way-too-cozy relationship with cannabis lobbyists. First-name basis, going out to dinner frequently. That really stank!
    I hope that Das has learned that his duty as apeople’s representative is to do what is best for the people, not for the lobbyists!


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