Scanner Reports 8-16-17

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My father treated me bad a lot of the time when I was a kid, but the one thing I will always respect him for was that he wasn't a racist. I will never forget him coming home from work one August evening back in 1968. Earlier that day he saved a black man from being hanged during the Democratic National Convention Riots. The story goes that the black man took the life of a white man and the Klan was going to hang him. My father was armed with a .38 and stopped the hanging until the police arrived to take the killer away. He told us about it when he came home from work. He was afraid that the news people were going to identify him, but they didn't. I still remember watching channel 7 Eyewitness News that night and the newscaster talking about the brave man who saved the man’s life then turned him over to the police. They called my father "an unidentified man." I was proud of my father for being a hero to stand in the face of racism and do the right thing.

My father was a Republican who joined the Navy at 15 years of age to protect our country - he snuck in. When they found out his age, he was allowed to stay but not fight in battle. He spent 4 years in the Navy, then went to work for Sears when he got out. He managed a Sears appliance store in Blue Island, Illinois, and that was where the incident occurred. On April the 19th, 1971, we found him unresponsive in the bathroom. He had suffered a stroke and he died 2 days later. I discovered after he was transported to the hospital that our home had been vandalized. "KKK" in large letters were painted on the back of our home. My grandfather came over right away and painted over the letters. Every time I bought it up, my mother told me to shut up. She did not want any trouble. My mom treated me like I was crazy, but I know what I saw and what I experienced all those years. I remember every beating I ever got, though I was confused as to why a father would do that to his son. Maybe in his own way he was trying to teach me how to be a man and stand up for what I believe in. I don't believe in racism or judging people by their color or sex or anything other than actions and words, but mostly actions. I can tell a real Republican from a fake, and there are a lot of pretenders in our world. Some people might not consider this as a local topic, but it is.  What is going on in our country today can happen anywhere. Let us pray to whomever our higher or lower powers are that it stops. Or if you don't believe in anything, just think some positive thoughts.

Here is your Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • Stolen license plate off a vehicle 233 South Milpas Street, California Electric parking lot.
  • Drunk driver on the freeway northbound, got off at Milpas northbound, his blinker was on for 2 miles. I wonder where he was thinking of turning. Black Nissan pickup truck.
  • This cracked me up. It was 9:04 am when I heard this call: 35 North Calle Caesar Chavez, ceck on a subject who was urinating approximately 25 minutes ago. Why? Should the police see if he needs to go again? Perhaps bring him to a porta potty? Why should the police check on him?
  • Non injury hit and run investigation, Treasure at Calle Real.
  • Jackass on a cell phone calling 911 and saying he needs the police but not giving them his location. For several hours on Monday. I hope they catch him sooner than later.
  • Then there was another weirdo who jumped into someone's vehicle. I think they said he drove it around the block bought it back, entered someone's home he did not know in the 2200 block of State Street, then ran off. Last seen west on Pueblo, HMA 5'10 wearing a checkered black and white flannel shirt, pants, a black ball cap.
  • Check a property to see if it's vacated in the 100 block of North Quarantina. An older woman used to live there noticed it's boarded up now, sad.
  • Juveniles riding skateboards in traffic and rolling golf balls into the street, San Roque at Foothill.
  • I have heard this twice now must be a new thing; transient chasing tourists. This was in the 600 block of East Cabrillo. I have heard it in the 900 block of State also.
  • Then a maroon pickup truck GMC with the keys left in it got stolen from 633 East Cabrillo. It had a red shell and Washington State plates on it.
  • Drunk down in the Mission Street underpass, 500 West Mission.
  • Theft of an X-Box by a teen angel in the 1000 block of Olivera.
  • Reckless subjects in a red Chrysler minivan, north on La Cumbre from State Street. Vehicle has a flat tire, driver chatting away on the telephone, passenger in the back.
  • Campers behind 123 West Gutierrez.
  • Domestic walking south on Turnpike, male and female, female is crying.
  • SBPD requesting CWS assist for a child signing into Noah’s Acreage.
  • Check the welfare of a resident at Pilgrim Terrace.
  • Fall victim, medical, at the post office 107 Nopolitos Way. I guess the police cannot respond there.
  • Two SBPD units, needs a 3rd to assist on a wanted subject in the 3800 block of State Street.
  • Vandalism to the Santa Ynez Bridge WMA with spray paint, associated with a bicycle.
  • Disturbing subject disturbing at the 7-11, 5800 block of Hollister.
  • Transient harassing an employee in the 900 block of Linden.
  • Medical call for a female down, 1920 DLV.

Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • Report of a fire at the County Dump.
  • Right around the corner, a medical at the County Jail.
  • Some type of disturbance with a woman crying in the 1000 block of East Mason.
  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian, Castillo at Carrillo.
  • Female having some kind of nervous breakdown in a vehicle, hallucinating etc, pulled over at Cost Co. SBSO responded, contacted AMR for transport.
  • SBPD was on a pedestrian, 23 North Milpas.
  • Double sewage dump from 2 RV's on Laguna at Cota, NICE.
  • Bicyclist down State Street underpass, head injury.
  • A case of harassment in the 1500 block of Viking Way.
  • Fight between 2 males, one of the floor, 2nd floor of Marshalls, 900 block of State Street.
  • Assault between a son and his father, 2300 block Red Rose. Police responded twice.
  • Child accidently locked in a vehicle at DLG Plaza, right in front of City Hall. 17 month old child in a black Mercedes SUV.
  • Check the welfare of a subject walking in traffic in the 100 block of State Street.
  • Suicidal subject living in the downtown area.
  • Suspicious vehicle under a grey car cover, 2100 Block of Monterey Street.
  • Dummy ripped off a case of Corona Lite beer from the back of a beer truck and did not have a quick getaway. He got busted a couple blocks away, lower State Street area.
  • Fight between a male and a female, possibly a domestic, 2000 block of Sandalwood.
  • Premises check, 40 East Anapamu at the Santa Barbara Public Library.
  • Transient disturbing at Alameda Park.
  • Theft of a boogie board from City Market, 500 block of Linden.
  • Medical, 300 block of Morton Bay Lane.

Well that is all outta me. Something weird is going around. I got some horrible arthritis but that's probably my injury too. Then I got a little sinus trouble. WATCH OUT! You don't want to get sick. Drink a lot of water or coffee, whatever comes first. Have a great Hump Day. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, Brad, Billy, Magruder, Don, Walter, Fred, Cory, Edwin, ELMO, Marty, Cop John, Rambo, Sherry, Isabelle Jerry, Diana, Jim, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, And Chris willing, we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger

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Flicka Aug 16, 2017 09:49 AM
Scanner Reports 8-16-17

Thank you, Roger, for a very thoughtful commentary. Perhaps your father was beaten as a kid and thought that was the way to raise a son. They say abused children grow up to be abusers. Whatever his problem was, you definitely have a reason to be proud of him for saving a life. Encouraging racists, as has recently been done, is taking our country in the wrong direction.

Roger Aug 16, 2017 06:32 PM
Scanner Reports 8-16-17

He did have it rough his brother hit his mom in front of him and she died hard to be alittle kid and understand his troubles.

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