Scanner Reports 2-3-20

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

I don't do New Years Resolutions anymore, I'm too old for that. I would like to enjoy the remaining time I have left so I gave up on that resolution crap but I know that a few of you have New Years Resolutions and are quite serious about sticking to them. That being said most New Years Resolutions have to do with bettering ourselves in one way or another as in wanting to lose weight, cut back on drinking, or quitting smoking, maybe exercising more. Some people are willing to do anything to meet their goals, even hire someone to help them or go through a program to help them meet their goal and keep their resolution. However, many of us cannot afford someone to help us or go into a program, for those people there is The Beautiful Santa Barbara County Jail. Perched on a hilltop next to the 101 Freeway the Beautiful Santa Barbara County Jail allows those who want to get healthy to meet their goals as there is no drinking, or smoking allowed in the jail, as far as exercise goes there is nothing else to do in your cell other than exercise, Sit Ups, Push Ups, or if you like you can sleep all day. At our Wonderful Santa Barbara County Jail only the Healthiest Low Sodium, Low Fat Meal is served to our inmates daily keeping them strong for the next time they decide to commit a crime by keeping our inmates healthy and trim and in shape, there is less chance that they will be caught running from the law. This is the menu found through Google on a 2013 Report: Breakfast - One cup of dry cereal, a half-pint of one percent milk, a bakery biscuit, jelly, sugar substitute, either 2 hard-boiled eggs or one ounce of turkey or ham or a breakfast bar. Dinner: Green salad, or cole slaw, or raw vegetables, Fresh baked cornbread, canned fruit, or fruit drink mix, salt and pepper packets. The Main Course  - Turkey, Ham, Turkey hot dogs, chicken patty, beef patty, on a platter, or 3 ounces of soy product, potatoes, pasta, or freshly cooked vegetables. We do hope you will visit us soon especially if you plan on breaking the law if you are interested in getting healthy why not just turn yourself in now and get started early Our Santa Barbara County Jail Staff will be Happy to serve you. HERES YOUR SCANNER REPORTS

Scanner Reports, Friday

  • 1200 Anacapa City Lot 6 WMA wearing a lite colored hoodie looking into vehicles
  • Medical Call East Side in a residence 1144pc Rest in Peace.
  • 2 Juvenile females physically fighting in Ortega Park gone when police arrived.
  • Theft of a bicycle grand theft East on Cabrillo from the 800 Block West near Leadbetter WMA suspect wearing black panties and a blue shirt.
  • Female smoking by the gas pumps at the 76 Station 200 Block of South Milpas street, she must be angry.
  • Prescription Forger at Rite Aide 35 South Milpas waiting for his prescription to be filled by the SBPD.
  • Hazardous investigation 1500 Block of Olive street.
  • 5150pc Female talking to herself in front of an address in the 200 Block of Lee Drive.
  • Drunk Driving female in a white van left Albertsons on highway 246 and was headed North on the 101 for Lompoc there was a trash bag covering one of the windows.
  • Check the welfare of a male down in the bushes 2400 Block of Calle Real opps! Not there anymore got picked up earlier and he is in custody or he was on FRYday.
  • Check the Welfare of an infant in a car being yelled at by Mom, Garden street at Ortega in a silver Toyota.
  • Med call 200 Block of East Cota.
  • Chapala at Figourea med call.
  • Check the Welfare of a female who the reporting party has not been able to get ahold of at Rancho Oso.
  • Non injury hit and run 20002 Newer grey Mercedes Santa Barbara street at Figueroa.
  • 459pc Audible alarm 800 Block of Miramonte
  • 415pc Males yelling disturbing 400 Block of Garden street.
  • Illegal Camper West Sidewalk 400 Block of Garden street.
  • Code 40 Drunk drinking a beer on a patio where he is not welcome in the 3000 Block of State street
  • 18 Year Old Asian male reckless bicyclist popping wheelies in traffic North La Cumbre at State street.
  • 415 Fight between 2 Males one has a skate board a few minutes later a med call for an unconscious subject involved in a fight.
  • Juveniles hanging out on the Footsie Bridge 1200 Block of Cacique.
  • Semi vs Stop Sign Foothill at Mountain hit and ran over.
  • Look for a Subject in the Santa Harbor Area pointing a green laser at Aircrafts UTL.
  • Overdose at PATH 816 Cacique.


Scanner Reports, Saturday

  • 415pc Transient refusing to leave the bathroom, I wonder where he is taking it?
  • Subject trapped in an elevator 400 Block of Post street.
  • SBPD looking for someone at PATH 816 Cacique Street.
  • Suspicious circumstances West Side Community Center 400 Block of West Victoria.
  • 415pc Female in CVS Pharmacy 1109 State Street.
  • 487 Grand Theft of a bicycle 500 Block of Anacapa Suspect WMA grey sweats yellow shirt last seen EB on Cota possibly caught and arrested near the Harbor.
  • Overdose 200 Block of Sherwood Drive.
  • BOLO Loud Motorcycles West Bound on Cabrillo from CVR ran a stop sign, reckless I heard them go by.
  • Med call 900 Block of West Mission.
  • 5150pc Daughter breaking items 100 Block of Calle Alamo
  • Unresponsive subject med call 1100 Block of East Clark in Santa Maria.
  • Friend refusing to leave Motel Room at Motel 6, 443 Corona Del Mar.
  • Head injury at Cate School 1900 Block of Cate Mesa Road did not say how?
  • Non injury traffic accident highway 101 Southbound Milpas Offramp
  • 415pc Subject out of vehicle and advertising that he is DRUNK 6700 Block of Dolores, marooned Chevy Van.
  • Suicidal subject 209 State street.
  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian in the 2000 Block of Ventura Ave in Ventura front of Cost Co.
  • Suspicious male trying to get into a garage in the 100 Block of North Alisos.
  • Mission at State street leaf blower.
  • 242pc Choking attempt 5 Points.
  • Subject Under the Influence acting erratically in the 200 Block of State street was laying in the street front of the California Hotel ran off left his cell phone and ID behind. Last heard running Southbound on Helena.


Scanner Reports, Sunday

  • Vehicle in to a palm tree non injury 1300 Block of East Cabrillo
  • Illegal Campers in the MILPAS UNDERPANTS 49 South Milpas
  • 245pc ADW Investigation at Cottage ER Unknown what type of weapon involved
  • Premises check Ortega Park.
  • Hyatt Hotel Structure Fire 1111 East Cabrillo Blvd Full SB City Fire response, SBPD for traffic control.
  • 700 Block of Wynetta Ave medical call.
  • Medical call 400 Block of West Pine.
  • 415pc 100 Block of Castillo.
  • Fire Hydrant sheared 3800 Block of State street.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject in a wheelchair who says he is going to hurt himself on Hitchcock near Whole Foods in the 3700 Block of State street.
  • 459pc To a vehicle 800 Block of Bath street
  • Med call 600 Block of West Junipero
  • SBPD on a subject 400 Block of Anacapa.
  • Med call 1100 Block of East Clark.
  • Elevator Rescue 330 East DLG Street.
  • 415 Domestic male chasing female West on Montecito from the Chevron gas Station 400 West Montecito. Female ran East police checking the area.
  • Missing person investigation at the police station.
  • Stand By for a possible Structure Fire response 900 Block of West Morrison.
  • Drunk Driver in a white VW 1500 Block of Mission Drive Solvang Piss Ant or a Jetta heading toward Buellton
  • Muni Code Violation sidewalk blocking 21 Bath street
  • Drunk Driver in a black Honda Pilot Westbound on Ortega from DLV,  WMA Curley hair glasses.
  • Brush Fire along side the 118.


Not hyearing much today everyone must be inside watching Football I don't have access but am not a big sports fan anyway the Sports. I like to watch are the High Speed Pursuits on You Tube Anyway Have a great MONday-MONday...Peter, Molly, Belinda, Midnight, Merlin, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Tom Cat, Clancy, Tomicina, Tiger, Shadow, FREDDIE!, Maxwell, Liza,, Zoey, Lola, PoPo, Tiny, Andy, Fish Heads, One, and Two, Poncho, Denny, Zeke, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy,Diana, Jim, Ross, Rambo, Sherry, Eddie, Bambi, Lafayette, Ted, Mark, Willie, Pat, Mavis, Bengie, Ricky, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Mrs. MacArthur, Auntie Helen, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Crazy Ed,, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY!, STOBE THE HOBO, KFC, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, John Havlick, Little Mac, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on HUMP DAY.

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a-1580799289 Feb 03, 2020 10:54 PM
Scanner Reports 2-3-20

" . . . there is less chance that they will be caught running from the law. " Haha. Good one, Roger.

NamasteYogi Feb 03, 2020 07:56 PM
Scanner Reports 2-3-20

I got a picture of a female smoking at the Arco station yesterday as well. Her cigarette and arm hanging out of a white car parked right in front of the door

Roger Feb 03, 2020 04:33 PM
Scanner Reports 2-3-20

I do it all the time no one bothers me they just cross the street.

d8vanilla Feb 03, 2020 12:45 PM
Scanner Reports 2-3-20

Remind me, NOT to be talking to myself while walking or driving or whatever......... !!!!

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