Scanner Reports 1-20-20

By Roger the Scanner Guy

1/19/2003. I came to on the bed, the room slowly spinning as it had for days, my head pounding my guts hurting. I felt as if I wasn’t here as it had been only 24 hours since taking an overdose in a blackout drunk only my third serious suicide attempt in a week waking up barfing blood with a cigarette burn on my chest wearing my “Who let the Big Dogs out” wife-beater t-shirt, same clothing I had worn for days. I still did not know who the hell I was, my girlfriend offered me a cup of coffee and a cigarette I took both, “Are you going to stop this shit, or must you die first?” she asked or maybe I asked myself the question I did not know. All I knew was how I felt and that was not good. Every once in a while when I drank too much hard stuff or took to many pills something would happen and for a few days I knew nothing, my mind a blank and I could not do much. Either it was as if I had a stroke, though a few days later I always came back. Somewhere in the last 24 hours, I had my last drink though at the time. I did not know it would be my last drink for 17 years. 

1/19/2020….I woke up on the bed early as usual did a few things fed Joey, Fish Head, made the bed, made coffee, turned on the scanners, the computer got on Facebook. No more hangovers, headaches, my clothes are cleaner, no desire to drink alcohol, or kill myself, or many others 17 years without a drink. HERE are YOUR SCANNER REPORTS.

Scanner Reports Friday:

  • Medical Emergency 500 Block of North Quarantina patient passed on Rest in Peace
  • Smoke investigation outside Highway 101 Northbound at San Ysidro smoke in the bushes reported, nothing found
  • Medical call 535 East Yanonali Rescue Mission
  • Traffic Accident Highway 101 Northbound between Carrillo and Arrellaga
  • 415pc Male yelling at cars Patterson School 400 Patterson Road
  • Premises check Dwight Murphy Park
  • Medical Call 1200 Block of East Montecito
  • Wires Down or transformer issue 1400 Block of Castillo
  • 5150 Calling from the 1600 Block of Bath street
  • Subject barricaded in 2nd-floor bathroom for 5 Hours I have had those days glad I live alone 1100 Block of Walnut
  • Male and female hitting each otter 800 Block of Olive street
  • Sexual Battery investigation Lobby of the Police Station 215 East Figueroa
  • BOLO Driver withy Suspended license WMA in his 50’s driving a blue and white VW Van, Las Positas at Cliff Drive
  • Premises Check Vera Cruz Park
  • Road Rage Fight Brewing San Andreas at Carrillo one subject has a black truck, the otter has a white truck
  • Beyond the black door an alarm sounds continually like a siren from a police car but there is no answer yet people keep calling 800 Block of East Gutierrez.
  • Pershing Park Premises check
  • Medical call 1600 Block of Garden Street.
  • Premises check Bohnett Park
  • Check the Welfare loud banging, woman crying heard 1000 Block of East Mason
  • Illegal camper in a tent 1800 Block of Cliff Drive
  • Unknown type 415pc 300 Block of West Padre.
  • Aggressive panhandler Northbound on ramp 3900 Block of State street.
  • Premises check Leadbetter Beach
  • Check the Welfare of a subject at Walnut and Anapamu
  • 459.5pc At Home Depot in Market Place some type of Burglary related to Shoplifting Suspect a WMA driving a dark-colored Piss Ant registered out of Lompoc
  • Check the Welfare of a man down in the 1300 Block of East Mason.
  • 20002 Non injury hit and run investigation 200 Block of East Gutierrez
  • Code 40, Drunk Down in a doorway in the 3000 Block of State street.
  • Cathedral Oaks at Winsour Subjects throwing oranges at vehicles, throw some over here!
  • Suicidal Subject near the railroad tracks 415 West Gutierrez.
  • Medical call Ralphs 100 Block of West Carrillo.
  • Illegal Camper 200 South Milpas street The 76 Station.


Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • 400 East Rice Ranch Road 459pc Commercial Burglary
  • Kept hearing early morning local police transmissions on the scanner about Olive and De La Guerra Streets, barricades I knew something happened but did now know what till it was posted Homicide 1000 Block of Olive.
  • 900 Block of Alston Road Medical call.
  • Illegal camper on a 2nd floor balcony in the 300 Block of Chapala
  • 415pc Female at the Library
  • Keep the Peace 400 Block of Old Coast Highway.
  • Possible mountain loin sighting on a roof in the 2000 Block of Miradero
  • Gutierrez and Calle Caesar Chavez Non injury hit and run investigation
  • Parker in a Buick 2800 Block of State street Missouri plates.
  • Campers under the Calle Caesar Chavez Underpass
  • Medical call 400 Block of Olive street
  • Hit and Run non injury on Los Positas Suspect female driver in a beige 1994 Honda sedan
  • Suspicious subject 1300 Block of Crestline pounding windows of properties HMA red beenie carrying a skateboard and a duffle bag
  • Check the welfare of two young juveniles in a silver Chrysler sedan in the 400 Block of North Milpas street
  • Med call 227 East Anapamu
  • Knife and a blue shirt found in a yard of a house for rent in the 1400 Block of Castillo
  • Possible Overdose, the subject also cut and urinated on himself in the 6700 Block of Del Playa
  • Premises check McKenzie Park
  • Premises check Oak Park
  • 200 Block of West Cota Suspicious subject wearing red PJ’s going through peoples yards making shooting motions with his fingers
  • Loud Music 1100 Block of Cacique
  • Calle Real at Highway 154 Traffic Accident with injuries
  • Cabrillo at Bath street Med call Overdose.
  • 245pc Assault with a weapon 329 East Carrillo between Neighbors.


Scanner Reports, Sunday:

  • Silent alarm keypad panic in the 1200 Block of State street, no crime
  • Medical call seizures 6700 Block of Del Playa in IV
  • Premises check 1400 Block of Garden street.
  • UI Subject in the Maritime Museum 130 Harbor Way
  • Campers blocking sidewalk 100 Block of Calle Caesar Chavez
  • Illegal Campers 100 Block of North Quarantina.
  • 415pc Male yelling and disturbing in the 1300 Block of State street.
  • Subject following reporting party who is in a wheelchair in the 200 Block of North Nopal and exposing himself.
  • Premises check Franklin School.
  • Medical call 1116 Garden Court.
  • Subject passed out 7-11  331 West Montecito Fire Department. Medics, SBPD response.
  • Check on a K-9 Stuck on the railroad tracks between Figueroa and Anapamu
  • Illegal Camper in the Hallway 300 Block of East Canon Perdido.
  • Guest refusing to leave the Hilton 633 East Cabrillo.
  • Customer paid with a counterfeit bill now refusing to stay and wait for the police I wouldn’t either 4700 Block of Calle Real.
  • Med call 700 Block of West Islay.
  • SBPD officer on an occupied vehicle in the 300 Block of DLV.
  • Cabrillo at  Calle Caesar Chavez 415pc transient refusing to move so city workers can do their job.
  • Premises check McKenzie Park.
  • Parking violaters 400 Block of West Sola
  • Illegal Camper setting up a camp in the 400 Block of Santa Barbara street next to his Mazda.
  • SBPD officer on Foot in La Mesa Park.


Gloomy Day but not as Gloomy as the days I had when I was drinking in a rut I was afraid to go outside in fear I had a warrant, or two, or six… Not everyday is great but they are better than the days I had back then. Have a great MONday-MONday…Peter, Molly, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Midnight, Merlin, Shadow, FREDDIE!, Maxwell, Liza,Tom Cat, Tomicina, Clancy, Tiger, Lola, PoPo, Tiny, Andy, Fish Heads, One, and Two, Poncho, Zeke, Denny, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Ross, Rambo, Sherry, Eddie, Bambi. Mark, Willie, Bengie, Ricky, Mrs. MacArthur, Auntie Helen, Pat, Mavis, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Crazy Ed,  Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY!,STOBE THE HOBO, KFC, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, John Havlick, Little Mac, Tom Petty, Lafayette and Ted, and Chris Willing we will see you on Happy Humpster Day!  Later,  Roger


Written by Roger

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