SB Unified and CSEA Reach Tentative Agreement on Health and Dental Benefits

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SBUSD to Increase Medical and Dental Premiums, SBUSD and CSEA Exchanged Proposals “Me Too” Compensation Clause in the Contract

CSEA Proposes Salary Schedule Enhancements to 10 Classifications,
Along with Changes to Transfer and Comp Time Language

This is Santa Barbara Unified School District’s (SBUSD) second Negotiations Update for successor contract negotiations between the District and the California School Employee Association (CSEA). The District will distribute the Negotiations Update after meetings with CSEA to inform our community on the progress of negotiations.

SBUSD and CSEA Reach A Third Tentative Agreement on Health & Dental Benefits
After only two bargaining sessions, CSEA accepted the District’s’ Health and Welfare Benefits proposal, which included increasing the District’s contribution to 75% of premiums for health and dental.

Currently, the District covers 40% to 60% of medical benefits premium costs, depending on the plan chosen by employees. For dental benefits, the District currently covers between 24 to 74% of dental benefits premium costs.

Under the TA, effective July 1, 2024, the District will cover 75% of medical and dental benefit premium costs (including future premium increases) regardless of the plan chosen and number of dependents enrolled. This does not include the District’s lowest-cost PPO plan, which the District may cover an additional amount in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

The estimated District cost of this proposal is $1,288,108 to cover only the CSEA bargaining unit.

SBUSD and CSEA Exchanged Proposals “Me Too” Compensation Clause in the Contract
CSEA brought forward language on Article 9 (Wages) to include a clause that would match any potential wage increases with other bargaining units. The parties exchanged language and will continue the discussion at the next negotiation session.

Salary Schedule Enhancements to 10 Classifications Brought By CSEA
CSEA proposed enhancements to ten classifications with the intent of increasing salaries in the lowest-paid ranges. The District said it will review the proposal and assess the cost.

CSEA Makes Initial Proposals on Transfers and Comp Time Language
At the end of the bargaining session, CSEA brought forward two proposals on Transfers and Comp Time. CSEA asked for an increase in the amount of time between notification of involuntary transfer and the effective date. Additionally, a proposal was made to add comp time option instead of being paid overtime for staff. The District will review these proposals and discuss them at a future negotiation session.

Next Steps:

The next negotiation sessions are on March 7, March 18, and April 3.

Dr. John Becchio, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Kim Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
ShaKenya Edison, Assistant Superintendent of Student and Family Services
Tara Wise, Classified Personnel Manager
Ed Gomez, Santa Barbara High School Assistant Principal


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