Santa Barbara Police Response Weekly Roundup

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

Domestic Disturbance - Felony Arrest:

April 27, 2021 around 9:00pm – 1000 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, California

  • Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in progress at a local apartment complex
  • Officers needed to force-entry into the apartment to intervene
  • Multiple Officers arrived to discover a physical altercation occurred between a couple
  • It was determined one of the people in the relationship had struck and strangled the other
  • Paramedics were called to the scene to treat the injured person
  • Domestic violence services were offered to the survivor by law enforcement
  • A 19-year-old male, resident of Santa Barbara, was placed under arrest
  • The arrestees name is being withheld to protect the rights of the survivor.
  • The arrestee was booked in Santa Barbara County Jail for 273.5 – Domestic Battery with Injury (felony) and 245 PC – Assault Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury (felony) – Bail $50,000

 If you or someone you know needs domestic violence assistance, contact the Santa Barbara Domestic Violence Solutions 24-hour Crisis and Information Hotline 805-964-5245.

Prowler Arrested for Burglary:

April 28, 2021 around 4:10am – 1200 San Andres Street, Santa Barbara, California

  • Officers responded to a suspicious subject knocking on the front door of apartments
  • Officers located the apartment and noticed the front door was suspiciously open
  • Inside the home Officers discovered a subject inside who did not live at the residence
  • The subject, was identified as Daniel Deloera-Leonides (18 years old) – Santa Barbara resident
  • Deloera-Leonides had no lawful business to be on the property
  • Deloera-Leonides did not know anyone in the apartment
  • Investigation led Officers to establish probable cause Deloera-Leonides entered the apartment to commit a theft or felony
  • Deloera-Leonides was arrested booked in Santa Barbara County Jail for 647(h) PC – Prowling (misdemeanor), and 459 PC – Burglary (felony) – Bail $50,000


Prolific Thief Arrested by Officers:

April 30, 2021 around 9:10am – 600 East Alamar Avenue, Santa Barbara, California

  • Around 6:30am, Officers received a report of a grand theft that had occurred to a vehicle in the area of 500 East Alamar Avenue
  • The victim confronted the suspect who fled the area leaving behind their backpack
  • Stolen items from the victim’s vehicle were located inside the discarded backpack
  • An hour and a half later the suspect returned and asked the victim for their backpack
  • Victim took a photograph of the suspect and contacted the Santa Barbara Police Department, the suspect fled again
  • Around 9:10am, Officers responded to 600 East Alamar Avenue for a subject sleeping in a vehicle not belonging to them.
  • Subject fled when confronted by the vehicle owner
  • The first victim from 500 East Alamar Avenue provided the photo of the suspect to the Officers
  • Officers immediately recognized the thief as, Corey Alan Thomas (25 years old) – Lompoc resident
  • Officers canvased the area, locating Thomas at a local restaurant, detaining him
  • Both victims positively identified Thomas as the suspect that had stolen items out of their vehicle and as the same subject sleeping inside the above-mentioned vehicle.
  • Thomas was placed under arrest
  • When Thomas was searched Officers located narcotics, narcotic paraphernalia and additional stolen property from a completely different theft case
  • Thomas was booked in the Santa Barbara County Jail for 530.5 PC – Identity Theft (felony), 487 PC – Grand Theft from Vehicle (felony), 463 PC – Looting (felony), 10852 VC – Vehicle Tampering (misdemeanor), 11350 H&S - Possession of Controlled Substance (misdemeanor), 11377 H&S - Possession of Narcotics (misdemeanor), 11364 H&S - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and 484 PC – Theft from Vehicle (misdemeanor) – Bail $50,000


Officers Intervene at Homeless Encampment:

May 1, 2021 around 7:30am – Olive Street and East Montecito Street, Santa Barbara, California

  • Officers were in the area and heard someone shouting for help
  • Officers observed one person was chasing another in a nearby encampment
  • It was determined an argument occurred between two individuals resulting in one person sustaining serious injuries
  • The suspect was identified as, Adrian Cabrera Rodriguez (23 years old) – Transient, and he was attempting to flee prior to Officers intervening
  • Rodriguez reportedly struck the victim, knocking the victim to the ground, then kicked the victim multiple times in the head
  • Paramedics were called to the scene to render medical aid
  • Rodriguez was arrested and booked in Santa Barbara County Jail for 245 PC – Assault with Deadly Instrument (feet) – Bail $30,000


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