Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

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Santa Barbara International Orchid Show
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By Robert Bernstein

Last weekend was the 73rd Annual Santa Barbara International Orchid Show at Earl Warren Showgrounds. This is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious orchid shows in the United States.

Here are my photos! I recommend browsing these images as there are too many to post in this article!

There are 900 genera in the orchid family, with between 20,000-30,000 species and over 70,000 hybrids or cultivated versions. It seemed that there were about that many specimens at this comprehensive and delightfully arranged show!

Straight in the door we were greeted by these beauties

The theme this year was "The World's Greatest Show - Orchids!" demonstrated by this welcoming showman

A centerpiece of the show was a cave with a waterfall, offering a chance for visitors to pose for photos

Here was another little waterfall

Another highlight was the Westerlay Orchids Wizard of Oz house. Complete with the tornado in flowers!

And the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East sticking out from under the house, complete with Ruby Slippers

A bench in front of the house was another favorite photo spot. We posed there along with others.

There was an area displaying orchids used as part of art creations

These bromeliads were an exception to the orchid rule

And there was an area of rather creative art of orchids

Cal-Orchid offered a garden populated with fierce looking dinosaurs!

Unique lighting added to the subtle colors of the flowers

But the main stars were the diverse and spectacular orchids! Here are a few more picks!

The final area was the sales area which was open even without admission to the show. Including these clay orchids that fooled me!

And silk botanical art

But mostly, an abundance of orchids for purchase!

And we bought some, too!

The 2019 Orchid Show is already up on their web site, so mark your calendar now!

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TWOSCOOPS Mar 19, 2018 08:42 AM
Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Mr. Bernstein, photography is your blessing in life...and since you share with Edhatters, it's ours too. These are beautiful. Thank you!

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