Roy Lee & Das Williams Forum Hosted by Moms Demand Action

Roy Lee and Das Williams during the Moms Demand Action Forum in Carpinteria (Larry Nimmer video)

I captured video of the forum for Santa Barbara Supervisor District 1 between Das Williams and Roy Lee at Girls Inc. of Carpinteria, put on by Mom’s Demand Action.

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Written by Larry Nimmer

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    • What’s wrong with someone who wants to make a life out of politics? Doesn’t that show dedication and experience? Now, I’m not saying I’m for Das, but just curious why a career politician seems to be a bad thing these days? I mean, we all saw what happened when a fraudster billionaire wanted to play politics…..

      • Curious, what are your thoughts on Das?

        Do you feel he has been a good representative for our county and the interests of our residents?

        I agree that there is nothing wrong with career politicians but I also think Das is trying to make too much of a career out of politics. His dedication seems more motivated in appeasing industry than his constituents

        The way industry works in our country, there is absolutely no way he did not receive kickbacks from the cannabis overhaul of SB county.

        And then there is the whole ems / county fire fiasco and the ambulance purchase. Someone definitely wet their beak there

      • I agree. To excel at just about any job takes experience. Having a “fresh” perspective is just another way of saying they have no experience. Representing a diverse population with myriad issues from potholes to immigration policy, and mastering the machinations of legislation and staying on top of lightning-quick changes that can happen-note how unprepared Sen. Tommy Tuberville was for his state’s IVF ruling- takes lots and lots of practice and dedication. Maybe even more importantly is the role of building personal relationships, and that also takes a lot of time.
        The performance aspect of political representation, what we see them doing in public, is barely the tip of the iceberg of the actual job, and most people have zero idea of what it takes to get solid, beneficial policies, that won’t be overruled by courts and that survive the many tests of time.

  1. Sacjon is on the money. There is nothing wrong in being a career politician. Looks as if Mr. Lee wants to get in line in order to become one.

    Too many inexpierenced people, especially those who wind up in higher office have not had the best results. Das has done a decent job though not without the normal bumps along ther way. If you really want to see the bad side of career politicians, you need look no further than Capps and Limone. Both of these overly ambitious women quit their positions on the SBUSD Board mid-term and dumped their failing children for their replacements to cope with. Now this was dedication!

  2. I don’t think that Das has ever had any job outside of politics? Water heater assessor? Not sure tbh but would be surprised if he ever has.

    Better to have a bit of diversity, equity and inclusion on the Board 🙂

    Change is good and so is letting someone else have a chance. Hopefully the voters in his district will see it that way, but it’s their call!

    Squatting on seats mainly helps party hacks serve their moneyed masters imo.

  3. I agree, thanks Mr. Nimmer for posting and to Mom’s Demand Action, the candidates, and those who asked questions, which were mostly very good.

    I thought both candidates did well. It reinforced why I feel it’s time for Das to move on and that Roy is capable and deserves the chance.

  4. Thank you Mom’s Demand Action and Larry Nimmer !

    Voting for someone who understands the urgency of climate change is vital. Das is not perfect. Carpinteria citizens deal with a strong smell of cannabis and deserve to have scrubbers . But pre-cannabis, flower growers in Carp were suffering and cannabis was a bold idea that would help them.

    In this interview/debate Das lead the discussion on climate change. Roy never mentioned it. The goal is not to go above 1.5 c by 2030 (that’s just 6 years from now). Das studied environmental science at UCSB. He works on solutions like solar. For many years he rode his bike instead of driving so it is easy to see that he gets it and aligns personal choices showing leadership and action which is what we urgently need.

    Roy Lee , a Carpinteria City Council member is a sincere, hard working immigrant, who wants to give back. But Roy’s ad campaign has centered completely on the fact that ” He is not Das” his Indy ad as” Tired of Das” and saying Das is “two-faced” is too negative. Roy is missing a specific, strong vision of his own besides “listening” and not being Das.

  5. Here’s why. People who are elected to represent the public at large need to have a grasp of what all of us “common folk” with jobs, kids, etc working everyday do and have to deal with. If you’ve never had a career besides being elected into a politican job I don’t believe you’re really on touch with what your constituents who may have elected you do for a living, ie – the sacrifices they make, the way they live, etc. Further, to me there is an inherent ‘pot of gold’ effect that players like Das are going for in politics. It’s the idea of just keep going higher and higher for power and prestige. Getting votes. We see it all the time.

    I hope that answers your question.

  6. While I respect that I may be in the minority here IMO we really don’t need more of is climate cancellation demagoguery. I.e., if you don’t win the contest by spouting the most over the top climate crap, much of which you couldn’t prove in 100 years, then you’re not qualified to be a county supervisor of all things. And that climate politics trumps the need for decent positions and listening to the public on any number of incremental issues.

    Once you realize how much of the climate garbage is coming from the private jet set you also realize that it’s just total political BS designed to divide and conquer and sustain high prices for energy vehicles and appliances. The only climate warriors worthy of really hearing are those who truly live off the grid and practice minimalism which is attainable for many of us but we simply don’t want to give up the conveniences.

    And I admit I don’t want to give them up. I like my gasoline powered car and central heating. Why is Hertz dumping their Tesla fleet? Is it possible that the coming ev mandates will make car ownership as out of reach economically as apartments for the working poor? I think so. Remember that when your housekeeper has to come in 2 hours later and leave 2 hours earlier because they have to take the bus and walk instead of drive from Lompoc – or maybe you’ll give them your extra Tesla!

    • The black hoodie says to me that he’s unpretentious, open, willing to listen, also shows some involvement and care for the community. Contrast to Das who can come across like a pushy used car salesman. The only redeeming quality being that he could care less if you don’t want what he’s selling and won’t chase you while you try to walk off the lot or call you back a million times trying to get you to change your mind. That attitude clearly cost him an endorsement that the independent dearly wanted to give him.

    • Wow, what a criticism; think of the president of Ukraine V. Zelensky in his sweatshirt vs the pres. of Russia, V. Putin in his business clothes!

      As for climate change and what one can do here; indeed, Das talks the talk and bought an EV, a Volt, with the big subsidy that buyers could get. Don’t know what he has now. It’s good that people are thinking ahead and making personal efforts. But, really, even if every single person in SB county followed all the recommendations plus did not fly or heat their houses with gas, it would not make one bit of difference on a planetary scale, considering the nation, as a whole, and all the other nations.

  7. Having watched Das since he came to Santa Barbara politics, I believe his #1 goal is to move to higher level, state then Federal politics. He believes raising taxes to support democratic and union spending will get him there.

    In my mind he cares little about the citizens he represents, his only cares about the tax money he can raise.
    Why did he support cannabis –more tax revenue. Why support the fire taking over emt — more revenue for unions. Why a bag tax — more tax revenue.

    Being a career politician could be fine if the politician was looking out for the citizens they represent. That is not Das.

  8. As a supporter of Mr. Lee, I wish him congratulations and good wishes as he takes on his new duties as our First District Supervisor.

    I will say though that it is really stunning that the people in this County have such a pathetically low turnout.

    If you didn’t vote, don’t complain. Go do something about it.

  9. Congrats to Roy on the win, a great platform, and a campaign well run. kudos to Das for his years of service. I hope these guys find a way to work together for the betterment of the community at large because they both have alot to offer. Das just got out of his britches and the public needs turnover in these positions but this is great career development for him, he’s young and we will hear from him again.

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