Robert’s Election Picks

By Robert Bernstein

Here are my election endorsements if anyone is interested!

The ballot is getting rather long. I am not sure what is to be done about this, but who really has time to go through each of these items and people in adequate detail?

Even the organizations I trust have found it impossible to cover every position and measure and often just focus on those they prioritize.

Feel free to offer your own recommendations and why you are making them!


Written by sbrobert

What do you think?


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  1. Robert, you took a cheap shot at our heroic Senator, Diane Feinstein. You said: “United States Senator: Kevin de León (No risk. If he loses we keep Feinstein.)” That appears to be a “talking points” comment. I go way back and I remember her bravery and solid demeanor when the tragedy of the murder of Harvey Milk in San Francisco. She was solid then, and she has remained solid, and has served us faithfully every single minute of her political career.

  2. Democratic Principles are what Senator Feinstein is all about: Legal equality, political freedom and rule of law. She has been tested, over and over, and over, and has always stood her ground to protect our rights. She has experienced it all, seen it all, and it’s tough to pull the wool over her eyes. She’s smart.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Looks similar to mine. Darcel for SBCC trustee is a good choice. If she doesn’t win, Marsha will not be bad, but there are decisions that Marsha has made that makes me want to see a change. The SBCC board of trustees should move on if they’ve been there for a length of time when there is a good candidate that steps up to the plate. Darcel is that candidate.

  4. Smart enough to brush that Chinese spy under the carpet? Or smart enough to keep him on the payroll for decades? She’s beholden to the democratic monies of the liberal elite and the war mongers of the CA military industrial complex. Yeah, no thanks.

  5. Feinstein is a national embarrassment. Her treatment of Brent Kavanaugh was shameful. Kevin De Leon has admitted publicly that half his family are illegal aliens who falsified documents to break federal immigration laws. The Democrat Party is a joke. They are ruining the State of California by shirking their responsibilities to Californians. Tax and spend. Open borders. They swear an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, but it’s just lip service.

  6. Darcel is not the best choice for SBCC Area 5. I believe she was hand-picked by the Democratic Party and views this position as a stepping stone to higher office. SBCC needs and deserves a trustee dedicated to the ideals of the community college and the commitment to work for them. Marsha Croninger is that candidate. She understands the complex issues facing SBCC and works tirelessly to find solutions that work for our Santa Barbara community.

  7. Marsha had been excellent for years. Darcel is a buttinsky only looking for a political start. She has no experience outside of politics in fact. The major point of her campaign is to build housing for 7000 out of area students who will overload our local community college and destroy neighborhoods, particularly the Mesa. I am disappointed that Robert would so easily ignore his environmental concerns in suggesting that this Democratic Party con is appropriate.

  8. Get your facts straight. Croninger grew those extra 7000 out of town students to pay off her teacher union cronies. She also led the ill-fated Measure S campaign along with her scolding pal Lori Gaskin. This has not been good SBCC leadership. Try the new kid.

  9. With respect, these recommendations read like the Democratic Party Central Committee mailers. Robert was a Green as I recall. The “top two” primary system has apparently got him in its clutches. As a progressive I still will vote No on 11. Yes on 3 even though it does benefit some commercial interests, Yes on 4 even though private non-for-profit children’s hospitals may benefit, for Feinstein (which surprises me) and for Marsha Croninger SBCC Area 5. With respect to his judicial recommendations I am appalled. Clearly he has no other criteria than who was appointed by the Dems vs who was appointed by the GOP. None of the incumbent justices up for election should be defeated as none have behaved outside the norms of judicial duty even though I do not always agree with their reasoning.

  10. Croninger had no political experience when she was (narrowly) voted in several years ago. In fact most of the SBCC board members have/had no political background and that can be a positive, not a negative. No one has challenged Croninger until now and I like what I see in Darcel. It doesn’t bother me if she has aspirations to serve the community in bigger ways somewhere down the line. She shows a genuine interest in the issues facing SBCC and I trust her to do what is right for SBCC. and the SB community.

  11. Feinstein vs de Leon my choice is Feinstein. Experience and institutional knowledge still counts and greater yet, is her senior position and committee appointments which are too important to ignore. Remember this year she unilaterally, in the spirt of transparency released the transcript of the Simpson GPS interview that the Republicans on the judiciary committee were trying to suppress,a unprecedented and ballsy move.
    Part 2. Sure we need need new blood and progressive platform and would love to see the next generation represented in leadership positions, but our CA (as well as our local) Democratic Party is still following the 2016 playbook and giving us crappy candidates. Playing kingmaker and endorsing termed out de Leon, with so little grassroots support of his own,he didn’t even win his own district in the primary. Now republicans who will vote are likely to vote for him as the anti Feinstein choice. Party leadership is still about insiders and protecting their own skin than supporting the best candidates and the people’s choice. Sure he is on the right side on some important issues, but a poor choice to parley a party split. If it was someone like a Beto, Kamala or Dave Jones I would be on board, but don’t waste party strategy on a not ready for prime time candidates. Use those resources to support the promising, first time progressive candidates already trying to get into the party instead of setting up a divide as was done on social media, a total turn off. My vote is also a middle finger to our Democratic party leadership.

  12. There is an article in the paper today about retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who was considered a _centrist_ on the conservative-leaning court. After retiring, Mrs. O”Connor dedicated herself to improving civics education … ! _Dear Robert, yes, the list of judges to be voted on this November is long — but there may be some extraordinary (and inspired) _centrists_ among the judges that _you_ are thinking of Voting No on. ( ? )

  13. Yes, just wait when Newson gets elected. We’ll get more taxes, more stupid laws, more illegal immigration and the whole bag of tricks that goes along with the far left politicians. This state used to be the best in the U.S. but is now sadly one of the worst – and it’s only going to continue to go downhill after November’s elections.

  14. Sadly, everything you say is true. The Democrats used to be rather logical and middle-ground on many important topics, but it seems all they push now is their own agenda which is lacking almost any type of rational thinking. I cannot believe this poor state has gone so radically far-left and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop the steamroller.

  15. Robert, thank you for helping me on my decisions on whom to vote in this election. If I vote completely opposite your recommendations then I and the State of California will be in great shape. Keep up the great work in driving the local and state governments into the toilet.

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