Reminiscing with Jacarandas

By Lucky777

Many months ago the City of Santa Barbara carried out their threatened deadly intent, and cut down to stumps the beautiful jacaranda trees at the corner of Mission and Modoc.

But as you can see they never ground out the stumps, and while they did kill a few that are now just ugly sawed off stumps the rest are making a valiant effort to grow back.

I can’t help but think of this as just another visual incidence of mismanagement of our city by Government. Who did this serve? Street trees are essential to the beauty of this city, I miss the beauty that was there before.



Written by Lucky 777

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  1. The removal of these trees on such an expedited basis seemed a power bid to assure that the opponents of the bicycle accommodation did not gather steam and stop this ridiculous plan. Unfortunately the city council rep in that area (Oscar) is in the thrall of the bicycle lobby and refused to intervene against this destructive action. Remember, the whole purpose of the removal of these decades old trees was to put in place a bicycle path between Modoc and San Pascual (a few yards really) so that bicycle riders will not have to dismount and walk that distance. It is abhorrent that we are spending million bucks and forcing pedestrians to risk and share the path with this selfish crowd.

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