Red Light Runners at State and La Cumbre

By Ginger1

In response to the story about Police issuing citations to traffic violators, I captured video of numerous vehicles running red lights at the intersection of State and La Cumbre. 

It really does bug me no end that the city ignores this stuff. I’ve documented this at other intersections, one near Peabody School, with two incidences of pedestrians very nearly being hit while crossing in the crosswalk. In one video, the car driver is actually honking his horn for the pedestrian to hurry up out of the way as he swerves to avoid killing them.

Below are the red light violators:


Written by ginger1

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  1. GINGER, your videos do not show enough of the intersection to determine if these are red light runners.
    Simply being in the intersection when the light is red does NOT necessarily equate to running the red. Perhaps this misunderstanding could be why you think it is so rampant?
    One’s vehicle need only be partially in the intersection when it turns red for it to be a legal crossing. So that means, only ONE INCH of your bumper could be past the stop bar when the light turns from yellow to red. The light would be red for nearly your entire trip through the intersection, yet that would NOT be running the red.

  2. The driver is making minimum wage, just trying to earn some money for his family to eat in a city where the traffic engineers are too lazy to properly configure the lights. I applaud the 805 driver for getting his job done despite being in a city full of first world complainers and incompetent traffic engineers.

  3. Tagdes,
    Without placing blame, I’d like to see a dedicated 101 X State Street exit and a dedicated 101 X 154 transition. I thought for a while that maybe the light at the State Street X Calle Real at State Street North needed to run green longer, but then realized I don’t want traffic backing up onto the 101 by the people trying to use the 154. That would take the talents of traffic engineers to solve, and my personal belief is that I think Santa Barbara has outgrown the current situation and the problem at times backs itself up to the La Cumbre X State and I’d be happy to hear traffic engineers are on it.
    My guess? Giant uniquely shaped roundabout

  4. Well, there it is. Wow. In the first video, the moving truck definitely entered while it was red, but it still looks like people trying to beat a red turning arrow. In my opinion, that’s a little more forgivable (but not OK) than coming to an intersection at a red light and then proceeding through as if it were green. Glad to see that’s not really the case.

  5. you really need a better hobby than playing wanna be cop, driving around town and video taping people driving. Just over the top. Our PD does this and does a fine job of it. You expect there to be a traffic cop at every intersection, every minute of every day? That is about as ridiculous as you thinking this is helpful.

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