Hotel Plans Submitted for Site Occupied by Ducati Santa Barbara

By the edhat staff

In a recent conceptual review by Santa Barbara’s Historic Landmarks Commission, a three-story hotel proposal with 44 rooms and a roof deck in the Funk Zone has garnered positive feedback.

The hotel is set to be located between Highway 101 and the Amtrak station, at 17-21 W. Montecito Street. The project plans to demolish the buildings on the site, which currently house Ducati Santa Barbara and were formerly home to Harley-Davidson and Caesar’s Auto Supply. The location is zoned for commercial properties only and not for housing.

The building, created by AB Design Studios, plans to be 18,003 square-feet including a first floor lobby, reception area, lounge, and grab & go section. An underground garage will include 44 spaces for valet parking as well as 8 bicycle parking spots.

Ducati building at 17 W. Montecito Street (courtesy)

While discussions revolved mainly around the inclusion of a roof deck and whether it should be equipped with solar panels instead, commissioners raised various perspectives on the matter. Concerns were voiced regarding noise and exhaust fumes due to the proximity of the freeway. Some expressed doubts about the deck’s appeal, while others believed it would be heavily utilized. 

Commissioners also suggested adding more color and “playfulness” to the building’s design, as well as more renderings to better understand the rooftop deck.

The project is currently in the concept review phase, allowing developers to incorporate the commission’s feedback into their design before submitting a formal application.

Rendering of the Montecito Street Hotel as seen from the entrance at 17 W. Montecito Street (courtesy)

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    • BIRD – great point! If you are going to build something that requires local workforce in a town where housing is unaffordable for such employees, you should be required to address it in some way. If not, there should be some allowances (financial or otherwise) made for your out of town workforce that must commute hours daily to get to work for you.

    • VOICE – not surprisingly you missed half my comment about allowances in some form. But, let’s look at the living wage idea. Should the hotel be required to pay bellboys, janitors, etc a “Santa Barbara living wage?” That might be tough given the lack of affordable housing here. If you’re going to pull from other communities to make your business run, you should also provide some kind of relief. Perhaps commuting costs (gas, car maintenance) as a bonus. Unlimited paid PTO for all commuting employees. Something to help offset the costs (financially and mentally) of commuting. OR….. don’t build in a town that not only doesn’t need more hotels, but doesn’t have housing for your employees.

    • VOICE – so are you going to mandate a living wage? Again, would you really expect business owners to pay a “Santa Barbara living wage” to service staff? You keep ignoring the important parts.
      And no, just like the whole “if you hate oil spills, stop driving a car” argument is flawed and foolish, so is the “if you don’t like employers who don’t pay enough, don’t go to their businesses” shtick.
      It’s weird how you are insisting the private employers do more to solve the housing crisis, but recoil at the thought of the state subsidizing developers to provide affordable housing.

  1. Great location for a new hotel! People can actually arrive in SB via Amtrak and easily walk to this place. I hope they are granted the option to build a rooftop deck/patio. What a view it will be….might even be able to see Catalina on a clear day from the deck!!! Most of the things that tourists/visitors want to do, food/drink/shopping/etc., are quite close as well. I’m not sure if they’ll need 44 parking spaces, but probably better to have them than not.

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