Recent Thefts at YMCA Santa Barbara

By an edhat reader

On March 5th, my husband had 3 credit cards stolen out of a locked locker at the Santa Barbara Y. He discovered it as he received an alert from one of the banks regarding a large purchase at our Apple store on State. The thieves charged a large amount at the Apple store and Nordstrom…..two stores that are known to not ask for ID, unfortunately. He quickly reported it to the CC companies and all was handled.

He spoke to the Gen Mgr of the Y and was told there was another incident that day and that there were a couple of guest passes that day as well. I posted this on our neighborhood forum to find out that another theft took place on March 9th from the women’s lockers. Keys were taken from a locker, the thief then went out to the parking lot….found her car and took out credit cards then threw the keys under the vehicle. Again, charges were made at Nordstrom and Apple.


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  1. While it’s sad that people feel the need to steal and I feel for you and I have also had my stuff stolen from there. I wonder why you don’t buy a lock? 10 bucks to save you from the headache of theft. My stuff was sitting out in plain view so that’s my fault but why use a locker if you don’t lock it? I sure do hate thieves! I just keep all my things with me now. Bummer.

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