Positive COVID-19 Visitor in UCSB Lab

Source: UC Santa Barbara Alerts
The University was informed by a private company with authorized access to the Nanofabrication facility in the Engineering Sciences Building that one of their employees who accessed the Nanofabrication facility for approved essential research on April 8 and 9  tested positive for COVID-19. The visitor followed strict protocols while in the Nanofabrication facility, including wearing a gown and facemask and maintained at least 6 feet social distancing while on campus. The visitor lives off campus and has been self-isolating since being tested. 
Your health and safety are our top priority, and the university is working closely with public health officials to determine whether there are members of the campus community who need to be advised about their contact with this person. 
Our protocols are consistent with CDPH and CDC recommendations: screening, isolating, and testing individuals who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection. By following statewide and national protocols, we are ensuring that we enact scientifically proven methods of responding in the most effective manner. 
The most important individual actions that all members of our community can take are:
  • PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING IN THE COMMUNITY. Avoid crowded places and social gatherings (lots of people in small spaces). You can be most safe by minimizing unnecessary contact with others.
  • Keep your distance from others. It is recommended to be about 6 feet from people in close spaces (cafes, elevators, library, etc.).
  • Wash your hands for more than 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others
  • IF YOU ARE SICK, STAY HOME. Expect to be home for two weeks.
  • Have a plan in case you get sick. Include the following items in your plan:
    • How are you going to isolate yourself (how long, where)? 
    • Who are you to contact if you have symptoms (doctor phone number, Student Health, friend, family member)? 
    • If you are in isolation and have a need, who will you contact?
  • Stay calm. We understand this is a stressful situation for everybody, but remember that we can work together to get this pandemic under control.
Up-to-date information is available online at:

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