Police Searching for Armed Suspects in Patco Jewelers Robbery

Surveillance photos of armed suspects in Patco Jewelers robbery on August 3, 2019 (Photos: Santa Barbara Police Department)

By edhat staff

Santa Barbara Police are still looking for suspects involved in the armed robbery of Patco Jewelers Fiesta weekend.

Around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 3, approximately five men entered the local jewelry store at 316 E. Haley Street. The suspects, described as black adult males, forced their way into the secured jewelry store while brandishing a firearm. They were wearing dark clothing, some had their faces covered. 

Customers and employees were inside at the time. Edhat readers report that victims were tied up while an employee was forced to open the safe at gunpoint. Although this has not yet been confirmed by the Santa Barbara Police Department, an additional photo shows a suspect pressed against an assumed victim while holding a gun.* 

The suspects escaped with an unknown amount of jewelry, cash, and other merchandise. 

A lot of questions remain unanswered. It’s unclear exactly how many suspects were involved and how they were able to gain access to a secure store. Investigators have not yet revealed if they believe this robbery is connected to other crimes within the local area or beyond. 

If anyone recognizes these suspects or has information about the robbery, you’re encouraged to call the Santa Barbara Police Department at 805-897-2300.

Edhat will update this article with any further information as it becomes available.

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[*Editor’s Note: An additional photo provided by SBPD depicting a suspect and a victim has been removed by the request of the victim]

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. GunsRfun – remember, the police were probably brandishing “tactical” weapons when they arrived. You would have been using an “Assault” weapon had you been a law-abiding citizen who was armed inside Patco. 🙂

  2. PATCO Jewelry and Repair Store on Haley Street is an exemplary local business for 40+ years. Owner Pat, his wife, Andrew, Juan and crew are our community’s very finest. Role models to many on what’s good, what’s right. every accolades earned over decades of dependable, hard, honest, superior work at better than reasonable prices.
    Questions: Why did officials put a lid on coverage? Is it because Santa Barbara is a tourist town not benefitting from bad press? Does Santa Barbara City have street video cams that can lead to identification of thugs committing crimes? Why haven’t any photos been posted of these armed robbers in the last 12 days? Seems like a major criminal attack on stellar locals buried, kept quiet by media and police. Why?

  3. Thoughts and prayers to the victims who could be forever haunted by this nightmarish experience. Fiesta Saturday I drove on Haley past PATCO Planning to get watch batteries but didn’t park because store sign said closed. I assumed perhaps opening later after parade when road closures lifted but I didn’t return later. So sorry this happened.

  4. Conspiracy theory? This is the 2nd article edhat posted about it so I doubt this is about “bad press.” I’m assuming the police are investigating with other agencies and they can’t release much more information until all agencies are on the same page. Just a thought.

  5. My heart goes out to Pat and the entire staff, not to mention the customers who were there. Patco is a wonderful local business and we patronize them as often as possible. In fact, my wife and I both had watches and jewelry there when this occurred. It made me both angry and sick when I heard about this last week; I’d sure like to hear more details about this crime than what has been published so far. Unfortunately, this is yet another example and reminder that all the gun laws we have in California and the many more being pushed by self-serving politicians will never stop criminals, so quit dreaming that it will. Yeah, I’m sure the new $25 tax being proposed on firearm and ammunition purchases that law abiding gun owners will have to pay will certainly stop things like this. (Sarcasm button turned off now.) I wonder if these thugs would have thought twice if they knew there might have been employees and customers who were carrying weapons for self-defense. I find it hard to believe these felons have not been located and arrested yet, especially give their “profiles” and the numerous surveillance cameras Patco utilizes.

Sheriff Deputies Responding to Man with Gun

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