Police Say Westside Shooting is Isolated Incident

Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department
12:50 p.m., January 31, 2023

On January 30, 2023, at 7:32 pm, the Combined Communications Center received a report of an adult male that was bleeding in the 1200 block of San Pascual Street.

It was later determined the victim had suffered a gunshot wound. Based on the preliminary investigation this shooting appears to be an isolated incident and currently there is no threat to the public.

The victim suffered a single gunshot wound to his lower extremity and is currently in critical condition.

This is an active investigation; further information will be released as it becomes available.

Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department
10:00 p.m., January 30, 2023

Adult Male Transported to Hospital with Gunshot Wound

On January 30, 2023, at 1932 hours the Combined Communication Center received a 9-1-1 call reporting a male bleeding in the 1200 block of San Pascual Street. 

Officers arrived on scene and located a single adult male victim.  The victim was transported to Cottage Hospital with what appears to be a single gunshot wound.  Officers and Detectives are on scene actively investigating.

Update by Bob on the Scanner
8:04 p.m., January 30, 2023

Catching up on this call, here’s what I’ve heard so far. 

Before 8:00p tonight (Monday) dispatch sent officers to the intersection of San Pascual and W. Anapamu Streets in the Westside neighborhood.

An adult male was found with major injuries after police followed a large trail of blood. Victim was identified and transported to Cottage for treatment, condition is unknown. 

Edhat readers report a large police response on Santa Barbara’s Westside.

  • San Pascual at Anapamu, some kind of assault. Lots of police in the area. This is before 8pm monday

  • What the heck is going on? Police blocking San Pascual.

  • Cops everywhere. Someone injured on the westside. Streets blocked, people told to stay indoors.


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    • AWARE – No disrespect to anyone at Noozhawk but I wouldn’t hang too much weight on what you report as “the editorial about this [Noozhawk] issue.” “The opinions expressed are his own.” The writer’s opinion is just that, an opinion. No better no worse than those we express here. I’m a little confused. But, it would help to learn what CA Criminal Code he refers to that applies to cops and also “we — the news media — have a right under the California Criminal Code to report some of that information to you. And you have a right to know it.” Of course news sources have a right to report information, but, correct me if I’m wrong, the cops aren’t obligated to release any information. IMO he’s on a round about way back to square one. He want’s police information about an incident and they’re not giving it to him. Myself, I don’t care how long the cops withhold case information. I trust they know what could compromise their case and let it go. If the Noozhawk writer is right about the law he refers to, he should sue the PD for the information. Also, IMO too much drama in his headline.

    • Aware – What do you want to know about “growing gang violence?” In spite of your “reputable sources,” I don’t believe gangs simply “pick up stakes” wherever they are living and move into a town. Your “reputable sources” must have given you the name of the gang. You complain about PD “lack of transparency,” why not let everyone know the gang name? I’m confident there is no harm to anyone by identifying the name of another gang in SB. Certainly a few members of a gang can move into SB at any time. But, how are they going to subsist as a high percentage of gang members don’t have jobs? IMO gangs in SB consist mostly of (young) people wanting to make a name for themselves with what are mostly neighborhood gangs. It has been this way for years, only the names have changed. I don’t recall hearing of too many older people involved in SB gang activity. I’d appreciate it if you would contact your sources and ask the average age of a SB gang member. Thanks.

  1. SBDUDE – Had lunch with a friend with memory like the proverbial elephant and brought up this gang topic. They talked about a couple of old gangs that were in SB more or less around the 60’s and 70’s. They were known as the Mexican Mafia (eMe) and the Nuestra Familia. These gangs are still running strong in the state prisons but hasn’t heard heard much about them in town. While they were part of a large statewide organization, for the most part local members were drug dealers and users. It’s not believed these groups challenged each other much. Likely, back then any significant uptick in violent crimes cops would have pushed down harder on both groups. It was believed there was a “street general” of one of these two groups living in SB for some time. It’s believed the average age of these members was between 20 & 40.

  2. People who make unsubstantiated claims designed to create panic and anxiety are simply compounding the situation. In fact Santa Barbara’s murder rate is substantially lower than CA or the US in general. See http://www.macrotrends.net/cities/us/ca/santa-barbara/murder-homicide-rate-statistics I know that facts don’t stand much of a chance in a sealed belief system that supports all kinds of conspiracy theories but hopefully the people who make decisions and choose our future can act more intelligently. To the extent that we have these problems we can fight them by intelligent responses and community support of those whose work it is to reduce such events.

  3. I have a newsflash for SB: there are no isolated incidents. The evening before this happened, there were little gangbangers running around lower State St with a bat and one flashing a gun in his jeans. The police were called, and stood around chatting for around 45 minutes. “We’re looking for them,” they said. No, you’re not. You’re chilling. DO NOT EVER BELIEVE that these shootings/stabbings/trails of blood are isolated incidents. I don’t know who the city thinks it’s fooling.

  4. The “gangs” are a business, mostly selling street drugs like meth to vagrants and other users. These gangs have a business profile, so to speak, meaning they have “management”. .. That is what has changed. The Cartels have sent reps who RUN small, local gangs. These gangs are networks of the Mexican Cartels. There may not be “new gangs” , but there is now new management that does not F around.

  5. Do not be surprised that SB just might become like Tijuana, Durango, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Michoacan with the drug cartels sending their reps up here for the drug trade and there will be messages being sent out between them in Good ‘Ol SB in the near future and many local business’ will shut down and tourism will take a fall.

    • Agreed! The more guns on the streets and shootings between gangs the more likely that more innocent people will be hurt and killed. It is par for the course unless something major is done to stop it, like beefing up our police presence and making it less EASY to do this type of thing around town. Westside and Eastside gang stuff is not new but the use of guns and innocent people being KILLED by then IS new. The escalation in this type of activity is alarming. How safe can we really feel taking our kids downtown, on walks around the neighborhood, to the pier, etc. right now?

    • GIMLI – while it IS getting more violent here, largely due to cartel-run gangs like MS-13 (which is what AWAREHUMAN seems to be referring to), we do have something that Mexico does not – a more reliable and not as corrupt police force. As much as we all complain about them, I trust our law enforcement to help protect us from becoming a lawless frontier town.

  6. Let’s see – some dude walking around the street with a gunshot wound.
    1) shot himself by accident – No
    2) girlfriend shot him and told him to get out of the house – Probably not
    3) some drug deal gone bad which is typically gang related – Bingo
    Does not matter if this was in Cito, Hope Ranch, Goleta, Eastside, San Roque, West Side, Mesa – if it smells like a duck it is a duck. Could there be a chance it is not a duck – sure. Saying it is a duck is not being racist – it is just being pragmatic. Unless you are trying to virtue signal and stick you head in the sand.

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