Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

By Robert Bernstein

On Tuesday I was picking up some metal plating work from Alberto’s Metal Finishing on Milpas Street. What a master craftsman. He wonderfully restored several brass pieces for me and he did so quickly and at a very good price. Especially for such skilled labor.

Here is my review of his work on Yelp, complete with some photos.

Unfortunately, he is going to have to move from his current location at 717 Milpas Street because that building is going to be torn down to build apartments. Please post here and/or let him know of any new location that might work for him. He prefers to stay in that neighborhood.

On my bike ride back to the Transit Center on De La Guerra Street I saw this surprising sight at the corner of Olive Street:

I went over for a closer look and saw a house move in progress, but not in the usual way that people move into a new house!

Here are all of my photos of a sight that you don’t see every day.


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