Piano Boys Perform at Camino Real Marketplace

By Robert Bernstein

On Independence Day we were fortunate to catch The Piano Boys Zeyn and Rhyan Shweyk performing on the street on our way to the fireworks. We were then honored to be invited by them to the
MERIT youth performance at the Music Academy of the West during the Fiesta Parade.

Here are my videos and photos of the Piano Boys performing this past Friday evening at Camino Real Marketplace!

It was a treat to experience them performing by themselves for an extended period of time. They posed with their very supportive father Nader and mother Deena as well

And with us!

We also sat and had dinner and watched others eat and carry on with life as The Piano Boys performed.

OK… Here are seven videos I made of their performances.

The first one was Malagueña by Cuban musician Ernesto Lecuona. They performed this for a special Fiesta event with the understanding it  would only be performed again after Fiesta was over!

Here are six more of their performances!

Here https://www.facebook.com/SBPianoBoys/ is the Facebook page for the Piano Boys. Be sure to Like their page to keep up to date on their upcoming performances!


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  1. Buskers are not panhandlers. Pan handlers ask for money and do nothing in return other than sit there or verbally abuse you. Buskers perform a form of entertainment and have a passive request for donations in the form of a hat, open music instrument case, or jar, etc. They entertain people for free, and people can choose to ‘tip’ them or not. It’s not the same thing.

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