Our Boy Smokey Is Fully Cleared!

Our Boy Smokey Is Fully Cleared! (Courtesy Photo)

Smokey is officially cleared post-surgery!

After a delicate procedure to remove a damaged part of his cornea and graft his conjunctiva, Smokey has been gently healing as his eye was rehabilitated.
He completed his final eye specialist appointment earlier this week, and his vet said, “Smokey’s eyes look beautiful!” After being officially cleared, he no longer needs any medication for his eyes and needs no further rechecks!
Smokey is officially cleared post-surgery! (Courtesy Photo)
Smokey’s vet checking his eyes. The red light in the exam room is used to facilitate the exam. (Courtesy Photo)
Our Boy Smokey Is Fully Cleared! (Courtesy Photo)
Our Boy Smokey Is Fully Cleared! (Courtesy Photo)

Everyone’s favorite 5-year-old man, Smokey is a chill, lumbering domestic shorthair male.

His ideal adopter would have no other cats in home, because Smokey prefers to have you all for himself! He values his alone time, but he also enjoys being in the company of humans, and if you let him smell you first he’s sure to permit some pets. Give him a treat and he might even say thank you!
Going through a series of scary procedures and vet visits has left Smokey a tad bit impatient, so his boundaries have been raised as a result. He’ll let you know when he wants to be left alone — but a cat savvy adopter will know to read his body language, as he’s very clear in his intentions! Smokey also loves the great outdoors, so access to an outside catio would ideal for our brave boy.

It’s important to note that Smokey is FIV-positive (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). While not the grim news it once was believed to be, it means he is more susceptible to illnesses such as respiratory infections or skin problems. With proper attention and a loving adopter, Smokey can continue leading a happy life and bring you love for years to come!

When you’re ready to meet this lovely boy, schedule an appointment with us using the button below:

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