Cat of the Week: Biscuit

ASAP's Cat of the Week: Biscuit (Courtesy)

Biscuit, an 8-year-old gentleman currently living in foster. Biscuit loves being among people, and he is happiest hanging out in a casual space around others. An ideal companion day and night, he’d sooner be found cuddled up in your lap than off gallivanting on his own. He loves sitting both beside and on his humans, and he enjoys hanging out wherever the conversation is happening.

Biscuit enjoys an occasional pet, and he’s very clear when he’s had enough for the moment — a cat savvy person will notice his body language immediately, and others will pick it up quickly! He’s not a fan of other cats, as he wants you and your attention all for himself, so we recommend no other cats in the household. Additionally, Biscuit is FIV+ — while this simply means he’s more prone to illness, we still advise keeping him separated from other cats to avoid potential transmission to them.

Biscuit loves to play, especially when it comes to chasing wand toys or laser dots. He learned how to walk with a halter and leash (on his first try!) and he loves his afternoon promenades while leashed in the backyard. This gives him a chance to really strut his stuff! He also enjoys his clicker training sessions, and he’s getting very good. Want to test him? Ask him to sit and see for yourself!

A fairly relaxed and quiet kitty, it’s important to note that Biscuit has asthma — it’s easily treated by a small dose of medication (a pill) which he takes daily without issue. He’s a social and charming cat who is unafraid of meeting new people, and he has made it clear that he loves humans and being around them, day and night. 
His ideal adopter works remotely or is retired, and is thus able to spend time hanging with him. Cat experience is a plus. Whatever you’re up to during the day, he’s happy just being there with you!
ASAP’s Cat of the Week: Biscuit (Courtesy)

Ready to make a connection? We’d love to introduce you to Biscuit so you can see how sweet and charming he is for yourself. Visit our website at to get in touch.

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