Multiple Subjects Fighting at Earl Warren Showgrounds

Sheriff is responding to a report of up to 10 subjects involved in a fight at the Earl Warren Showgrounds


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  1. @Sac dude I simply suggested, after having seen a similar report recently on EdHat that it may have gotten others attention for the same reason.
    I lived over near Mission/State 10 years ago and could hear the concerts at Earl Warren Showgrounds very clearly from there. Any concert regardless of genre happening at EWS will be loud, the majority of concerts at EWS just so happen to be hip hop and Latin/Hispanic/Mexican music.
    By the way, there’s another one next weekend 🙂

  2. SFGA – I get it, but my point is, all these people are complaining that something must be done about these violent “Hispanic concerts,” but I just don’t think it’s accurate. Sure, sometimes huge groups of drunk people have some fights among them, but labeling these concerts as problematic seems to just be an extension of the racist thinking around here.

  3. These concerts are getting out of control. We are over a mile away with the Samarkand hill in the middle and somehow we can still hear these at very loud volume? I don’t get how this is legal or safe for anyone to be exposed to that level of noise.

  4. Early comments on this post are super cringeworthy… But, brawls with 10+ people aren’t being reported on at any other concerts/venues locally so to see it being reported twice at EWS in a short period of time is attention grabbing I guess.

  5. Legal or safe? Ok grandpa…thats what concerts do, project loud music from a stage through speakers and amplifiers. People pay to go see this. Maybe you should check it out. How do you think the folks around downtown and the bowl feel?

  6. I agree the other comments seem racist and bad, but this is happening every time. A couple weeks ago I had enough of trying to figure out where the 6 hour noise fest was coming from every Sunday so I drove around, discovered the EWS concert going on and cop cars were swarming the place. Fights and at least two separate brawls (per EdHat reporting, I think) had broken out.

  7. SBTOWNIE – so what if it’s happened at some other time? Does that excuse the blatantly racist comments here? If the fights concern people, don’t go. If the noise it too loud, complain to the venue and the city. Nothing excuses the lazy racism here though.

  8. Of course it doesn’t. I was responding to the question you posed below. You said when was the last time this happened, does it happen every time there is a concert here. I was responding it just happened a few weeks ago, and every time I’ve heard this style of concert in recent memory there was an issue. I looked up the EdHat incident post for the last one and there were numerous violent incidents including a drug overdose. That was when I drove by. There have been some other concerts there (according to the internet) in the interim, and I have not heard any of those where I live, such as this event:

  9. SBTOWNIE – I suppose when you have a large groups of drunk people anywhere there will be fights. Blaming a certain type of music or the race of the attendees (not at all saying you did though) is just lazy racism and I’m truly surprised at the audience here, given where up and downvotes are being placed.

  10. SBTownie- Noise ordinance goes into effect at 10pm for concert venues. Do the concerts go past that time? If not, they are not breaking the law.
    Aerosmith broke the law when they played at the bowl. I could hear them on the west side. very clearly. Did I complain? Nope.

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