Movies Way Back When: Baby Peggy Films in Santa Barbara

By Betsy J. Green

Although the “Flying A” studio had folded in the early 1920s, filmmakers were still coming to Santa Barbara to use the studio’s facilities or to take advantage of our city’s picturesque locales.

In 1922, Baby Peggy, one of the most famous kid-stars, was here filming. “Baby Peggy to Work at Santa Barbara. As soon as Baby Peggy returns from San Diego . . . she will go to Santa Barbara, where additional shots will be made.” – Motion Picture News, November 18, 1922

This movie, “Carmen, Jr.,” was released in 1923.

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Betsy J. Green is a Santa Barbara historian and author. Her books are available in local bookstores, and at (Shop local if you can.) Learn more at

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