Moonlight Trail Rescue for Injured Hiker

By edhat staff

Emergency personnel responded to an injured hiker on their monthly full moon outing Wednesday evening.

Around 9:45 p.m., Montecito firefighters, Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue, and AMR ambulance responded to Cold Spring Trail for a report of an injured hiker.

They discovered a member of a well-equipped and experienced group of local hikers, suffered a misstep while on their monthly full moon outing. Montecito Firefighters hiked to the patient’s location on Cold Spring Trail, assessed his injuries, started treatment and packaged him for transport down the trail.

Search & Rescue helped bring him down the trail and AMR took him to the hospital for further treatment.


The hiker only had an isolated leg injury.

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. Night hike = asking for a sprained ankle. Hey, you got it! I guess they weren’t THAT “we’ll-equipped”, especially in planning to be self sufficient. I’m not wishing malice in anyone, just hoping more from those whose idea of being prepared on a night hike is having a cellphone to call 911 for a minor injury. “C’mon man!” Award for the month – you got it. Yeah let’s see a name or photo of the guy.
    Ok, here come the barrage of downvotes! No worries I can take it.

  2. So interesting the level of scrutiny this guy and other hikers get, right down to what kind of shoe you think he is wearing. What about car accidents? Those are generally caused by someone who made an error in judgement. At least this guy was doing something fun. I cant understand how worked up people get over such mundane everyday events. Guessing edhat is about 75% trolls and 25% genuine commenters. No wonder Noozhawk stopped the comments, I was so glad when they did that.

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