Foothills Forever Campaign Receives State Budget Check

Source: Office of Assemblymember Steve Bennett

Assemblymember Steve Bennett (D-Ventura), Senator Monique Limón (D-Goleta), and Santa Barbara Supervisor Gregg Hart joined the board of the Foothills Forever nonprofit to present a check from the State of California.  Bennett and Limón secured $3 million in this year’s State Budget to preserve open space at the San Marcos Preserve. 

“This is an especially gratifying moment — my entire public policy career has been centered on the preservation of open space.  I want to thank Governor Newsom, legislative leaders, and Santa Barbara Supervisors, as well as countless individuals, for ensuring that the San Marcos Preserve is maintained as public land,” said Assemblymember Bennett.

“Preserving, protecting and providing access to the public land for future generations is essential. The community has been working together to keep this open space; I am glad that we can support these efforts as state representatives,” said Senator Limón.

“State Senator Limón and Assemblymember Bennett’s tireless advocacy in Sacramento delivered the critical last mile funding necessary to permanently preserve the San Marcos Foothills”, stated Santa Barbara County Supervisor Gregg Hart. “Their efforts, along with financial contributions from the County of Santa Barbara and thousands of local residents helped preserve this biologically unique cultural treasure for future generations to experience and enjoy.”

The Foothills and the West Mesa Property has historically and continues to serve as a recreational area and respite in natural spaces for local residents and visitors alike. Preserving this ecologically sensitive land is an opportunity to create 300 acres of contiguous wildlife habitat to be restored and maintain an accessible, ideal setting for education and recreation.



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  1. It’s hilarious and pathetic seeing all the whining about the homeless issue here. This is a completely separate issue. Unlike most of you, these adults are capable of working on more than 1 single issue at a time. It’s amazing what you can do in life if you don’t dwell only on 1 single thing the entire time.

  2. Coming up for re-election in 2022, seems like Monique Limon is now busy handing out free stuff to counter her do-nothing reputation. Tackle the big issues that plague us, Limon. Not, the window dressing ones. Get serious about eliminating the transient vagrants camps that are an ever-present local health and safety problem and need a state wide resolution. Start with amending the 1967 Lanterman-Petris-Short Act. regarding the severe limitations placed now on involuntary confinements for those with serious mental impairments. Then prove you are actually doing something we can see and measure with the billions of tax dollars raised every year under the 2004 Mental Health Services Act. We can’t deal with this statewide issue on a local level. Only you can at the state level. Yet all we get is feel good ribbon-cutting and crickets from you on these serious and long-neglected state wide matters that materially affect us locally.

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