Missing Ojai Woman Found

Update by Ventura County Sheriff’s Office
April 25, 2018

On 04/20/18, Ojai Police Department deputies took a report of a voluntary missing adult, Katherine Kampf-Thibodeau. 

On 04/24/2018, four days after the initial report, Ojai Police detectives, in conjunction with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, Lodi Police Department, Grass Valley Police Department, and the Nevada City Police Department continued to work on the case and gathered new intelligence that escalated the voluntary missing adult to an “At Risk” missing adult.  Once the missing adult became an “At Risk” missing adult, Ojai Station Detectives reached out to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Special Services Major Crimes Unit to assist.  The Special Services detectives joined efforts with the above listed agencies as well as our Ventura County Upper Ojai Search and Rescue Unit, Ventura Sheriff’s Aviation Unit and other Ventura County contract cities to help locate Kampf-Thibodeau.

As new information continued to surface, multiple leads were followed and Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives coordinated systematic searches throughout the state.  As the City of Ojai was actively being searched, Sheriff’s detectives staged the Ventura County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit, search dogs and multiple Search and Rescue Units for a follow-up search the next day (04-25-2018).

In the midst of searching for Kampf-Thibodeau, the Nevada City Police Department informed detectives that
Kampf-Thibodeau had been arrested by their agency for being under the influence of drugs.  According to their agency’s records, Kampf-Thibodeau had been contacted on a couple occasions (over the last four days) but gave a false name each time she was contacted.

When Kampf-Thibodeau was booked she provided the fictitious name she had used during the previous contacts.  While in their custody, Kampf-Thibodeau’s fingerprints were entered into the system which revealed her true identity.  The Nevada City Police Department then immediately contacted Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives as they learned she had been reported missing.

As a public service announcement, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the community and all the law enforcement entities that helped resolve this case in a timely manner.  As an agency we were relieved Katherine Kampf-Thibodeau was located, even though the presence of narcotics played a troubling role in this incident.  We would like to remind community to just say, “No” to drugs and search for any resources near you if you feel you, or a loved one, may have a problem with drugs.        

Source: Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

April 24, 2018

Nature of Incident: Voluntary Missing Adult
Report Number: 18-61328
Location: 1070 McAndrew Road, Ojai CA 9023
Date & Time: 04/20/2018 @ 1000 AM
Unit(s) Responsible: Ojai police Department, Investigations Unit
(V)ictims: (V) Katherine Kampf-Thibodeau, Ojai, 28

Vehicle: 2012, Honda Civic, Del Sol, 4 Door, Gray, License Plate # KPR9712, Texas.

On 04/20/18, Ojai Police Department deputies took a report of a voluntary missing adult, Katherine Kampf-Thibodeau. Katherine was last seen on 04/18/18, by local friends and did not show up for her last day of work, or her going away party on, 04/20/18.

According to family members and friends, her missing status is not consistent with her behavior. Katherine told family and friends she would be traveling north to Oakland California, but never returned to her place of residence (in Ojai) to gather her belongings.

Ojai Police Detectives are seeking the public’s help in locating Katherine and her possible companion, Anthony Williams (DOB: 07/08/86). Detectives learned the pair had possibly traveled to northern California together in her vehicle, or his black 2005 Mercedes-Benz, License plate #GYW9498, New York.

If you have any information of Katherine’s whereabouts, please contact Ojai Police detectives, at (805) 947-8083.

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