Committee Created to Find New San Marcos High Principal

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As a parent with a student attending San Marcos High School, I recently received a letter from Superintendent Cary Matsuoka regarding the status of hiring a new principal. 

I’m curious if any other parents were notified or asked to be on this committee. I did not receive any information about it so I’m curious what the process for this was. Does anyone know?

Below is the full letter I received in an email:

Dear SMHS Staff and Parents,

We wanted to provide an update on the hiring process for the next principal for San Marcos High School.  As you may know, the position was advertised and posted for four weeks. The advertised position closed on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 and we only had five candidates who applied.  We reopened the application window through May 1, 2018, all with the goal of recruiting a strong candidate pool.  

In the meantime, we created an adhoc advisory committee to serve as a sounding board in regard to the hiring process.  The committee has a combination of teachers and parents who will meet weekly.  We will provide an update on the hiring process in early May.


Cary Matsuoka



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