March Edness Starts Monday

Here’s your public service announcement and friendly reminder that March Edness starts Monday!

For those that are new to edhat, March Edness is a fun and highly competitive photo hunt game that questions how well you know your area. Or just how well you remember details about your surroundings.

Every weekday in March (Monday through Friday, beginning on Monday, March 5th), we’ll post a cropped photo on edhat at midnight. You then have until 8:00 pm that same day to guess the location in that photo. The first week we start off easy and then progressively increase the challenge through Week 4. At the end of Week 4, the top three winners will be announced, along with the date of a March Edness celebration party where the winners will receive their prizes while we all bask in their glory.

Since this game is only for paid edhat subscribers, don’t forget to renew your membership to be eligible.

What about the prizes? Great question. They’re gonna be pretty awesome this year, definitely worth the competition and stressful days of Google mapping (yes we know how you all do it).

As last year’s party was postponed due to website issues, all 2017 winners will be honored this year. Congratulations again to holazola (1st), Penelope805 (2nd) and Britt, mfitch54, and Rone (tied for 3rd).

Refresh yourself with the rules here, because they are important.

Email us at with any questions.

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