March Edness 2019: Day 18

March Edness 2019: Day 18 title=
March Edness 2019: Day 18
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It's Day 18 of this year's March Edness! Can you guess the location of the photo? Enter your guess in the form below by 8:00 p.m. and be specific. (What's March Edness? Learn all about it here.)

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The guessing has closed and points have been awarded.

The answer is a mural created by Glenda Stevens on a gazebo inside the beautifully renovated Rosalind Perlman Park at the intersection of Broadway and Main Street in Santa Maria.


Day 18 Winners

  • holazola
  • Britt

This one tripped up quite a few of you! Well done Britt and holazola!

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a-1553812672 Mar 28, 2019 03:37 PM
March Edness 2019: Day 18

This is not a gazebo, it is a fake! No access to inside-never used. Built at public cost. No one allowed inside. Never used. Another waste of money!!!!

mfitch54 Mar 27, 2019 09:13 PM
March Edness 2019: Day 18

Oh my gosh! What a game! Britt, you're crushing us! We still have two more days.....

mfitch54 Mar 28, 2019 09:03 AM
March Edness 2019: Day 18

Take a deep breath! I don't know how you people with full time jobs do this. See you at the party!

Kcottrell Mar 27, 2019 08:23 PM
March Edness 2019: Day 18

Been absolutely stumped this week, after having a completely accurate first through third weeks. Well done everyone!

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