Legitimate or Scam Donations?

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Who are the young men from LA collecting donations for international non-profits like Heifer International and Doctors Without Borders?

I’ve spoken with two different pairs at Lazy Acres, and another pair at Trader Joe’s on De La Vina. They have the exact same white board set-up, with the same type of hand-written info, including a graph with first names of purported donors.

They are very polite, but are they legitimate or scammers? I was left suspicious, and did not donate.


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  1. “…from L.A.” tells the tale. I recall seeing vans in the past coming into our area and disgorging a small contingent of young collectors for this or that. Think ‘Fagin’ from “Oliver Twist.”

    Like mtndriver said – send donations DIRECTLY to those organizations you wish to support.

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