Lamborghini Driver Ticketed for 150 mph Speeds on Highway 154

By the edhat staff

The driver of a Lamborghini was ticketed on Sunday for reaching speeds of 150 mph on Highway 154 Sunday. 

The driver was ticketed for speeding by a Buellton California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer for reckless driving and traveling at nearly three times the legal limit.

CHP shared a phot of a black Lamborghini on the side of the road and a portion of the written ticket that shows the driver was clocked at 152 mph. The posted speed limit is 55 mph.

CHP shared images of the stop on social media with the humorous caption, “154 is the State Route NOT the speed limit.”

As locals know, Highway 154 is a winding narrow highway that takes drivers along tight curves between Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley.

“We know how tempting it can be to ‘open it up’ when your car is fast and the weather is beautiful, but save it for the track,” CHP stated.

With heavy traffic expected throughout the holidays, CHP is asking motorists to slow down, remove distractions, and never drive impaired.

Reckless driving violators could face up to 90 days in jail and be fined as much as $1,000, according to state law.

Photo: Buellton CHP

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  1. Yes, the law states that IF they exceed the posted speed limit by 20+ MPH, the chp can confiscate their car. This driver was 100mph over the speed limit and they did NOT confiscate.. I propose that this person was someone famous and the chp cut them a deal and let them go. I can not imagine another reasonable explanation. Too bad!

  2. Arresting the driver or impoundment the vehicle makes no practical sense. Driver was remorseful, so probably no going to speed like that anytime soon. I would love to take a spin in that car as most other drivers would. Some folks like to drive like like turtles, but some of us like to live on the edge and speed!! A DNA thing I guess.

  3. Check out “Day Fines.” This sort of penalty specifically brings equity to the fine concept. Present fines which are “flat rate” so to speak punish inversely to the wealth of the defendant but pretend they are fair. Thanks to Drdyonsphere for reminding us of this option which some enlightened nations have enacted. (I seem to remember a rich guy in some northern European country being fined in the thousands of euros for a speeding case just like this one.) (And don’t forget there is a law in CA that could suspend this guy’s drivers license on conviction–note the charge shown here is reckless driving a misdemeanor, not just speeding an infraction. Misdemeanors are jailable offenses.)

  4. No one wants to tow a car like that except a Lambo pro because you F it up tryin to tow it, and you hook it up wrong, Mr. tow truck driver will be sued by the guy who can afford that cars attorneys regardless of guilt.
    Yes, I had a all- wheel drive German car that got towed wrong and the bill was bigger that the contract for tow-materx20.

  5. If it had been 154 over the pass, he would have received his just reward. The man was fifty-something and he’s remorseful? Uh huh. His brain is fully developed and the car is too expensive to alibi the driver as stupid although he may be a psychopath or “victim” of being entitled to do whatever he pleased all his life. If he can be kept from being injured/killed in jail, he should be celled in a general population cell for a week. That would be shock therapy.

  6. This is SO disrespectful, entitled, reckless, dangerous, selfish and heinous. Typical wealthy behavior. Insane. I hope he’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I drive the 101 round Gaviota most days, and the amount of accidents I see is staggering. SLOW THE EFF DOWN, PEOPLE! Live another day, and don’t kill someone else out of your selfishness.

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