Highway Brush Fire Near Milpas

Vegetation fire Friday night on Highway 101 at southbound Milpas St. exit.

Santa Barbara City Fire was on scene and doused it fast.

The cause is under investigation.

There have been multiple fires within about a mile of this area recently.



Written by Primetime

Legendary reporter and man on the street, John Palminteri

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    • Unless you’re being sarcastic…. your post makes me very sad. These citizens are humans, just like you. And any of your friends or children (not you of course, you’re perfect in every way) are one paycheck or accident away from being unhoused.

      • No sarcasm 🙂

        We are all roughing it, except the 1%.

        Pitying these people more than others because they choose drugs over mental health assistance, isolate or won’t work isn’t doing anyone any favors.

        A lot of us are living check to check and still have a problem with the homeless littering the streets and being given free rain to piss, spit, yell and flail all over the place.

        There is a lot of assumption assuming that those that are “an accident away” from homelessness are the same people littering the streets of SB.

        Here’s one: If you go homeless in SB, try moving somewhere less idyllic. Don’t expect cushy life by the beach, expensive coffee, good retail. Settle for what you deserve given a lack of work effort, talent or planning.

        People complain too much and won’t look at their circumstances. It’s much easier to be a pick me nowadays. Poor you, your friends and children.

      • Alex – What do you propose?

        Free range for the untaxed people inhabiting the city?

        The truth is ugly sometimes. You can beat around the bush but the city’s posture here promotes them being here, does nothing for them and leaves the tax paying citizens of Santa Barbara to deal with the inconvenience and danger they often pose.

        Rampant theft, litter and public begging are not becoming behaviors and if you want that in your neighborhood, go ahead and put up a shelter in your house.

        I for one, along with a lot of other Santa Barbara residents, am sick and tired of this prevalent homeless culture and the way the city facilitates them.

        They aren’t from here, don’t bring that “anyone can be homeless” crap here because we all know they are coming here because of the lax policies and lack of regulation of the local homeless population.

        Get them off our streets and we will be doing everyone a favor.

        It’s time Santa Barbara put its own residents first. No tourists, no homeless, no free loaders.

        Call it ugly but unless you are gonna give up your cushy Santa Barbara lifestyle the last thing you should do is talk on housing inequality and the “unfortunate” situation of those people.

        I stand that you are basically a communist troll. I doubt you are volunteering at the shelter in your free time, raising money or doing any sort of outreach.

        Do those EH upvotes matter that much that you have to posture as the epitome of social justice wherever you can? While doing nothing you preach?

        Go take a look in the mirror Alex. Your whining and petty insults mean nothing to me and do nothing to “help these people as much as you can.”

      • Look at “Stoner” crying about upvotes, like a child. Sounds a lot like a certain “real doctor” we haven’t heard from since the site updated.

        Dude your kind is why we have the homeless problem to begin with. You do NOTHING to help, you cry and scream when we try to use your pReSHuS taX dOllURs to help them, you throw fits when we don’t imprison them for small crimes, on and on and on. A bunch of useless moaning from immoral people.

        Sorry not sorry all your downvotes are hurting your feelings, but most people don’t agree (or like) people like you. Thankfully, the majority of our society is empathetic and educated.

      • Sac – Say what you will brother.

        You are barking up the wrong tree. I could care less about how popular my opinions are on here, only that I have the ability to offer them. Alex loves to preach it but he won’t act the part. He knows he isn’t out there “doing the most” despite his whining and moaning here. I doubt you are any different.

        I’m not the reason people are homeless, nice try though.

        I suggest you do some reading on that subject if your mind can comprehend it.

        You bashing all conservatives just shows how much of a bigot you are. You are what you decry most. How ironic.

        Or is it moronic?

    • SBTONER – I’m a bigot? LOL! Sure, I’m a bigot against those who hate the homeless, be they cons or libs (not many libs have that mindset though). Absolutely proud of that.

      And since I know you’re also implying I’m a bigot because of the past things I’ve said against homophobes and racists, sure…. I’m a proud and fierce bigot against those who hate or in anyway discriminate against, degrade, belittle, etc, people for the way they’re born. Call me a bigot all you want. If you like those people, then you’re a…. well, you know.

      Also, I never said “all conservatives,” liar. I said “other disgusting cons who hold that view.” Using simple, elementary reasoning and reading comprehension, that means exactly what it says, not “all.” Sounds like it’s YOU who needs a little reading……

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