High Speed Chase on Highway 101

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By an edhat reader

I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, but there was some type of high-speed chase on Highway 101 late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. 

I heard it start around 11:30 pm Wednesday near El Capitan and Refugio. There were at least 5 police cars chasing one vehicle heading north on Highway 101, then a little while later the same vehicle with cops following was heading south on Highway 101 towards Santa Barbara with a lot of sirens! 

Do edhatters have any other information?

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yourfakereality Sep 01, 2017 02:51 PM
High Speed Chase on Highway 101

Well, I don't have any direct knowledge about this particular case, but what I DO KNOW is that when absurdities such as this suddenly become commonplace , and there's no obvious explanation or even comment from law enforcement or the politicians, it's a sure sign of "social engineering". The Sheriff has a fleet of 5 helicopters and countless police cruisers equipped with every modern communication device imaginable, mutual assistance agreements with numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, so there's really no excuse for this failure, except engineering. According to Noozehawk, "The vehicle was towed away for further investigation, and the case was turned back over to the UCSB Police Department, Morton said." The car was reported stolen in Lompoc, so why would the case be returned to UCSBPD? Is that the new version of "police tag", the first agency that spots the stolen vehicle on the road, becomes "it", and is then stuck with the case no matter how far out of jurisdiction it may be? If so, that doesn't seem fair at all - why not the SBSO or CHP, they're the ones who were chasing the suspects when they got away? (Or maybe it's just hard to keep the details straight when you're engineering.)

tagdes Sep 01, 2017 09:11 PM
High Speed Chase on Highway 101

Exactly...my fault though...after debunking an earlier one of his I said he'd best find a new one. Viola, here it is.

SoCalMommy Sep 01, 2017 10:24 AM
High Speed Chase on Highway 101


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