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The Thanksgiving holiday is a bit more than just turkey and pie, it’s a historical event that began with the settlers of the Plymouth Colony and their Wampanoag tribe predecessors in 1621.

According to history, the colonists and natives shared an autumn harvest feast, and for more than two centuries, days of “thanksgiving” were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.

While the feast between the colonists and Wampanoag tribe was peaceful, it’s unfortunately, one of the only instances in American history. Native people were systematically killed by European settlers, effectively wiping out tribes and villages resulting in millions of deaths. Since 1970, protesters have gathered on the day designated as Thanksgiving at the top of Cole’s Hill, which overlooks Plymouth Rock, to commemorate a “National Day of Mourning.”

The Thanksgiving we celebrate today is a lot different than the first. While Americans should acknowledge the atrocities of the country’s colonizers, the focus has shifted to “what we’re grateful for” paired with watching football and getting the best deals for the following holiday.

The average person’s spending over the five-day Thanksgiving period is $325 and over $949 million is the estimated amount Americans spend on Thanksgiving turkeys each year, with 40 million turkeys killed for the holiday, according to WalletHub.

Check out more holiday numbers below and enjoy a safe Thanksgiving with loved ones.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. I seem to recall the Blue Bird, on the corner of Chapala & Anapamu Streets? There was also a liquor store at that location some time ago. Probably hard to find a place with a good truly “home style” cooked meal these days. Also gone the way of the Bluebird, along with the price are Little Audrey’s, Esau’s, the old Signal Gas Cafe (and truck stop) at Castillo & 101 to mention a few.

  1. Native American tribes were also at war with one another, killing one another before pilgrims came. Many MANY white settlers were BRUTALLY murdered by Native Americans as well.
    What happened is alarming and tragic but do you actually think that this great land would still be unsettled? Forces were coming in from Spain, Russia and Europe.
    History is BRUTAL. The dominant culture wins and if you are not killed or enslaved ,count yourself lucky, and try to assimilate as much as possible and move on.

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