Halloween During COVID-19

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Halloween During COVID-19
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By Robert Bernstein

It seemed doubtful that Halloween would happen at all this year. People were certainly putting out plenty of lively decorations. And the stores were stocked with loads of candy.

Here you can see my wife Merlie peeking out our front door after creatively decorating our porch:

We had candy and waited, but no children came by our visible location with many children in the neighborhood.

After waiting until about 8:30PM we headed down to State Street and were pleased that Halloween was indeed happening! People were having a good time and mostly taking care to be COVID safe.

Here are my videos and photos.

We were immediately greeted by this werewolf and his companion

Some of the best costumes were on people who were dining out on the street:

Most of the action was in the block between Cota and Haley. Here a band played and people danced in the street.

Nearby a guy played violin bathed in colorful illumination and people dropped money in his basket.
At the end of that block at Haley Street we spotted this couple elaborately costumed almost hidden in the potted foliage!
As we made our way back up State Street we saw more costumed diners smiling and posing for us.
Antique Alley had a ghoulishly delightful window display. The owner came out to greet us as he was closing up. He explained that the character who looks like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family used to speak and be interactive. Here Merlie posed with the display.
For me, the highlights of the evening were the groups putting on little shows at random in the street! What do the following have in common: A dinosaur, Mr Potato Head, a pink unicorn and two sharks? Me either! 

Then we encountered an entire "Shiver of Sharks"! (That is what a group of sharks is called! Look it up!)


Here, another random assortment of characters paused to pose for us

And just as we were heading out we encountered our friends Jacqueline and Michael who were just arriving. Their house mate kindly took this photo of the four of us.

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ChemicalSuperFreak Nov 04, 2020 02:55 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

I would like to see some photos of what Isla Vista looked like this Halloween. The UCSB Daily Nexus either did not send out a photographer this year, as is their custom, or opted not to publish what they saw.

dukemunson Nov 04, 2020 03:02 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

There was nothing to see this year...IV was a complete ghost town!

dukemunson Nov 04, 2020 03:26 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

There was a total of 8 citations in IV on Halloween and 1 arrest...maybe the quietest Saturday night in IV in decades!!!!

Isla Vista, Ca. – The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all of the allied agencies that assisted in the planning and logistics involved in this year’s Halloween Operation. This year’s operational period covered Friday, October 30 to Sunday, November 1, 2020. The success of this operation was made possible by a cooperative effort between the Sheriff’s Office, the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), Santa Barbara City College, UCSB Associated Students, Santa Barbara County Chief Executive Office, Office of the 3rd District Supervisor Joan Hartmann, Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Services, Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office, Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness, County Emergency Medical Services Authority, American Medical Response, Santa Barbara County Fire, Santa Barbara County Public Works, Santa Barbara County Public Health, Isla Vista Community Services District, Isla Vista Parks and Recreation Department, City of Goleta, UCSB Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and the State of California Alcohol Beverage Control.

“We in the Sheriff’s Office are pleased that Isla Vista was uneventful this Halloween,” said Sheriff Bill Brown. “That was our objective, and great credit is due to the large coalition of agencies and people that pulled together to plan, organize, educate and prepare for this weekend. We also want to recognize the students and other community residents who kept things local, responsible and safe. Our thanks to all for this very successful collaborative effort.”

vvorker Nov 04, 2020 04:05 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

Hi Robert.. Thanks for the high grade stegosauri. Each image was dripping in double meanings. Crypt o grams at its finest Dr. Bernstein! 7100 900 state skull 800..etc

sbrobert Nov 04, 2020 04:08 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

I was over in Isla Vista just before going downtown. It was more quiet than a usual Saturday evening. Nothing to photograph. State Street has become the place to be on Halloween. Thanks for asking!

Jazzee Nov 04, 2020 05:50 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

Thank you, Robert, for the photos and video. Glad folks got out for some fun. Especially enjoyed the sharks.

a-1604549732 Nov 04, 2020 08:15 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

Thanks from me too. The biggest smile I've had from edhat in a while.

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 04, 2020 10:33 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

Enjoy seeing people having fun.
But what about the children? No neighborhood photos of empty streets?
That’s the real story, not IV. Report on the entire community and the thousands of children that normally don costumes and go through Lincolnwood, Aragon Circle, Westside, Eastside and the Mesa. And Ghost Village road.

Seriously, Santa Clause is going to be told to not come because of Covid too?
Right, he’s old and diabetic, but his elves could spread cheer or is that not allowed either?
And what are we going to do for the next corona virus, they appear every year. Yeah, yeah not every virus is as serious, but how do you know it’s serious?
Right the government & government scientists
The same people that said kids should be back in school and authorized schools to be open. But wait, SBUSD is not open defying the government, science and data.

Oh and SBPHD said 15 min of unprotected exposure is safe.
But wait, now three family units can hang out in close proximity for 2 hours!
So if I know the people I can spend 2 hours with them, but if it’s a stranger on the street 15 minutes?
Where’sthe science and reasoning for that from SBPHD? I’d like to see that data, is it published anywhere or is it fictitious?
Maybe they’ll make an exception based on “science” for Xmas. Maybe they’ll let Santa take a Covid test before he travels?

I’m hanging on every word from the “experts”.

a-1604600633 Nov 05, 2020 10:23 AM
Halloween During COVID-19

SBLETSGETALONG: calm down man. I live out in Winchester Canyon area and our streets were filled with kids and adults trick or treating and saying hello from a distance. I don't know about SB, but out in Goleta we had a great, fun, safe Halloween! Sorry you missed it.

NostraChumash Nov 05, 2020 07:40 AM
Halloween During COVID-19

How did humanity ever manage to function BEFORE all these necessary & vital celebrations?!..
Thank god us savages were enlightened, lest we perish in ignorance.
Festivus-for the rest-of-us.

a-1604603942 Nov 05, 2020 11:19 AM
Halloween During COVID-19

NOSTRA - so the Native Americans had no celebrations of any kind? Not sure about that....

LCP112233 Nov 05, 2020 11:10 AM
Halloween During COVID-19

Thanks for the great photos of folks having fun on Halloween! We did nothing, so it's nice to see some holiday cheer on edhat!

NostraChumash Nov 05, 2020 11:50 AM
Halloween During COVID-19

Where did you read that?..
I did not say Natives had no celebrations, correct?.
It is merely the need to argue with someone, anyone, over a self-translated statement.
We celebrated plenty, but not a holloween or christmas ( neither are culturally significant to you, are they?)..so much so that your "rights" are affected..correct?
If I'm wrong, I can admit.

sbrobert Nov 05, 2020 06:53 PM
Halloween During COVID-19

Thank you VVORKER, JAZEE, LCP112233 and others for the kind words. Thanks to the Winchester Canyon person for letting us know there were safe Halloween festivities out there, too. We live near Costco and there just wasn't much going on in our neighborhood. Even though there are plenty of children around here.

The Lucidity Festival created a Virtual Halloween experience on the eve of Halloween. You can still watch their entire three hour show here:

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