Great White Juveniles Off Padaro Lane

Nubby the Shark seen off Padaro Beach

By Harry Rabin, Reef Guardians

5 Great White Shark juveniles have been observed in the Padaro beach area. 1 of them, a 9′ juvenile, has remained in the area for over 19 months. Coast guard reported observing 8 on 4/26/2020 but again only 5 have been confirmed over the last 2 days. 

The juveniles were first spotted in this area in late April of 2016. They have repeatedly returned in groups of 5 – 16 different animals but not every year. Warmer currents attract them to our area.

Most of them were tagged in 2017 and 2018, and 6 were tagged by CSULB Shark Lab, in one day during the filming of “Into the Shark Zone”, with our assistance. They have not been aggressive towards humans.

The largest one logged was 10.75′ in length and to date no formally observed adult great whites have been spotted in the area. The adults and juveniles generally steer clear of one another.


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