Grand Theft Auto at SBCC

By Geo Duarte

Grand theft auto at the roundabout on East campus at Santa Barbara City College

An employee of the college was locking the fence where he parks his truck. While he was putting the lock back on the fence located behind the art department, a woman who was hanging out by the removable yellow poles that prevent vehicles from driving down to Pershing Park, swiftly jumped into the drivers seat and casually drove off.

All while there was a track meet and a wedding going at the campus Saturday afternoon just after 3 PM.

A witness stated the woman did not look homeless or disheveled in any way. She slowly drove away and there was no danger to all the kids walking around at the time of the track meet.

A witness mentioned that he believes the key fob has the capability of GPS tracking. So it is likely that the truck will be recovered.

Moral of the story is to never leave your vehicle running unattended even just for a second.

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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  1. Cultures of fear are everywhere in human life. It used to be called survival instinct.
    I’ll give you a couple other “cultures of fear’ that developed within a rational framework and went too far into hyperbole.
    Climate Change. Before you get angry, remember all the dire warnings.
    School children would never see snow again in the UK. Hurricane season warnings that didn’t pan out. Some people in every group succumb to, and promulgate fear.
    This is not a right wing vs left wing phenomenon and saying so just stifles honest discussion and drives people further apart

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