Grand Jury Identifies Concerns in Wellpath Contract Services with Santa Barbara County and Sheriff’s Office

Santa Barbara County Jail (courtesy photo)

The 2023-2024 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury (Jury) has recently released a report highlighting concerns regarding the contract between Wellpath, a privately held corporate correctional healthcare provider, and the County of Santa Barbara and Sheriff’s Office.

The report emphasizes the need for corrective measures to address contractual variances, lack of staff, and inadequate reporting systems. The Jury’s findings suggest that improvements in oversight and financial management are necessary to deliver improved and cost-effective healthcare in Santa Barbara County jails.

The Wellpath contract came into effect on April 1, 2017, after the previous healthcare provider faced scrutiny by the community and Board of Supervisors. However, the Jury’s investigation has revealed several issues within the Wellpath contract that need attention as well.

One significant concern identified by the Jury is the lack of accountability for staff vacancies within Wellpath. The contract stipulates that Wellpath should maintain a pool of trained nursing staff to cover vacancies promptly. However, the Jury found a persistent shortage of staff, even though efforts were made to fill the vacancies through per diem nurses or overtime work. Factors such as competition with local hospitals for staffing and the high cost of living in the area were cited as challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified healthcare professionals.

The impact of these staff shortages on inmate healthcare is another area of concern. With the nursing staff responsible for a significant number of inmates, the quality of healthcare provided may be compromised during periods of staff shortages. Procedures, treatments, and medication administration rely on adequate staffing, and prolonged vacancies can strain the staff, decrease patient care time, and potentially lead to turnover or burnout.

Infrastructure limitations in the Main Jail compound these challenges. The need for custody officers to accompany inmates to medical appointments due to infrastructure restrictions, coupled with a lack of available nursing staff, can disrupt the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

The Jury’s investigation also revealed deficiencies in the reporting systems within the Wellpath contract. Clear and accurate reporting is crucial for effective oversight and financial management, the Jury stated. Inadequate reporting hinders the Sheriff’s Office from effectively addressing financial deficiencies, and without proper oversight, these deficiencies can persist.

To address these concerns, the Jury recommends that immediate action be taken to fill staff vacancies and improve recruitment efforts. It also suggests considering additional incentives, such as sign-on bonuses and relocation reimbursement, to attract and retain qualified healthcare professionals. The Sheriff’s Office is encouraged to strengthen its oversight and enforce contractual obligations to ensure accountability.

The County of Santa Barbara and Wellpath should collaborate to enhance reporting systems, ensuring comprehensive and transparent financial reporting, the Jury states.

The report underscores the need for immediate action to address these issues and improve the delivery of healthcare services in Santa Barbara County jails. By strengthening oversight, enhancing recruitment efforts, and improving reporting systems, the county can ensure the provision of high-quality and cost-effective healthcare to inmates.

The full report can be read here.

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