Goleta Man Arrested for Suspected Child Molestation

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Source: Arroyo Grande Police Department

In August of 2020, the Arroyo Grande Police Department began an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of a child that occurred in Arroyo Grande around 1990 involving Daniel Berenguer.

After an eight-month long investigation, a search warrant was served on the suspect’s residence in Goleta on 4/15/2021. He was arrested after a San Luis Obispo Judge issued a Ramey arrest warrant for the case.

Detectives have identified two victims, but believe there may be more. Berenguer is local to the Goleta/Santa Barbara area and coached girls’ basketball in the early 1990’s.

If you have any information regarding this investigation you are encouraged to contact Arroyo Grande Police Detective Jeff Smith at (805) 473-5122.

Berenguer was booked at the San Luis Obispo County for the following charges and is being held on $200,000 bail: 

  • PC 288(b)(1) – Lewd acts with a child under 14
  • PC 287(c)(2)(B) – Forced oral copulation with a child under 14
  • PC 288.5(a) – Continuous sexual abuse of a child
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a-1618525895 Apr 15, 2021 03:31 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Suspected Child Molestation

Could it be the same Daniel Berenguer from Santa Barbara in this New York Times article?

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3, 1974 (AP) —Six members of a French family barricaded themselves inside the French Consulate today and one said, “We have enough gasoline to burn down the building and we're willing to burn with it unless we get justice.”

About 30 sheriff's deputies surrounded the 12‐story West Hollywood building, where the family had taken over the fourth floor.

Here were n reports of hostages and the police said that they believeed those inside were unarmed.

A woman identifying herself as one of the daughters in the family, Jeannie Berenguer, 16 years old, told The Associated Press by telephone that her family took over the consulate just after 2 P.M.

She said that the French Government owed the family money for property it had confiscated in Africa.

She identified the other members of the family as Joseph, 52, the father; Charlotte, 40, the mother, and children Jackie, 17, Daniel, 14, and Barbara, 5. She said they lived in Santa Barbara, where they operated a French delicatessen.

A person identifying himself as Daniel Berenguer said the, family had entered the consulate offices and told the employes they were going to burn down the building. “They got out and we locked both doors,” the caller said.

sacjon Apr 15, 2021 04:48 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Suspected Child Molestation

SBGETSALONG - what "old days" are you talking about? When did we ever castrate people as punishment in recent years/centuries? Also, would it really solve the problem? Is it testosterone that is driving this type of behavior? Not sure, honestly just asking because everyone always calls for castration as some solution. Deterrent maybe, but people like this aren't deterred by much as it seems.

SBLetsGetAlong Apr 16, 2021 02:00 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Suspected Child Molestation

SacJon. Was meant more as a joke.
Buckwheat. This is the US, trial of course.
If found guilty child milestones should be faced with more than jail time. They are repeat offenders even after serving time.
If there were punishments it would deter others from engaging in such heinous crimes.
Minors, children are innocent snd we should do more to protect them from such predators.
After a fair trial of course.

sacjon Apr 16, 2021 02:11 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Suspected Child Molestation

SBGETS - I know, I was just kind of thinking out loud though. They should honestly be more than just castrated! But.... as a deterrent, not sure anything will really work. Isn't pedophilia a mental issue? I honestly don't know, but it seems these awful people are not right in the head. I don't think there out there doing it for kicks or they're just caught up in the wrong crowd. I think this is something they can't help. Again, may be wrong, but if there is some effective deterrent, let's use it and now!

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