Footsteps in the Sand

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By David Powdrell

I like that footsteps in the sand vary and I like that they vanish with the tide. We all stroll the beach with unique intent and with a distinct but varied purpose.

Dogs race at breakneck speed to snap up the bouncing ball, then proudly strut back to the thrower for the “Atta girl” or “Good boy, Carl”.

Footprints of hikers and runners rarely change their trajectory. Their purpose is strong.

Birds and small children walk in every imaginable random direction. I think there are lessons to be learned from them.

Ladies in high heels, in my opinion, should consider taking their shoes off and letting the sand snuggle up between their toes. Call it exfoliation.

My favorite footprint in the sand is the simple barefoot in the afternoon light. “Dance with me barefoot, in the sand. Let the waves play us music, and our eyes tell a story of a love that can withstand anything.” Becca

May you stroll our beautiful beaches barefoot and be grateful.

David Powdrell

Written by David Powdrell

David Powdrell is a Carpinteria resident, photographer, and C.P.A. He often shares his photos and musings with edhat readers. See more of his photos at

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