Foothill Traffic Collision with Injuries

Foothill Traffic Collision with Injuries title=
Photo by Geo Duarte
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By Geo Duarte

Serious injury accident near the 4000 block of Foothill Road on Tuesday evening.


Scanner report at least 2 vehicles were involved in a collision. It appeared at least one driver was transported to cottage hospital.

Right front side of front windshield of a Sedan was completely smashed.

Over 40 minutes after the incident was reported on the scanner, more CHP officers were seen arriving on the scene. Not sure what that means, although it seems serious. No other details were available at that time.

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szq May 25, 2023 09:13 AM
Foothill Traffic Collision with Injuries

The Fast and Fast and Furious movies are having an effect on young drivers. When those movies are released, we see kids RACING around the neighborhood. Kids, PLEASE understand that those stunts take weeks to set up with professional drivers. It is NOT something to go out and try to emulate. If you hurt anyone, you will go to prison if you don't kill yourself!

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