First Thursday is Back

By Robert Bernstein

First Thursday was happening again in a big way this past week! Not sure how long we can enjoy such events before things are shut down again due to people not getting vaccinated for COVID.

Here are my photos.

Here was the full schedule of events:

Plenty of galleries open including the new Thomas Reynolds Gallery next to the Arlington Theater. He just moved here from San Francisco. And Gallery 113 in La Arcada (near the turtles) kept their tradition of free snacks by providing them outdoors in sealed packages.

I have never seen so many bands and so many people dancing in the street to those bands. Here my friends Pali and Raven were dancing in the crowd by the Granada Theater.
Here we posed with Pali and Raven.

You may recognize Dominique Reboul as a creative force from Solstice, Fishbon, Burning Man, Lucidity and more along with Solstice artist and technical genius Christine (blue jacket) and her friend.

The whole town seemed to turn out for the occasion. My dental hygienist Jessica (in black) posed with me along with her friend Jen.

Lydonna Walker is active with the Ski Club, the Sierra Club and more and she posed with a friend.

Chizuko is a dance teacher who is here half the year and half the year in Japan. She is also one of my favorite swing dance partners ever.

After checking out all of the familiar galleries including Sullivan Goss (very high quality fine arts) and the Faulkner Gallery (featuring local artists) we strolled down to Paseo Nuevo and checked out the latest gallery there: Santa Barbara Visual Artists Fine Art Gallery.

Then we strolled back up State Street to the courtyard of 1129 State Street where The Academy Band was playing for a lively crowd. Whitney James and her husband Gus DeTar are the lead singers performing hits of the 70s, 80s and more.

I was happy to see another of my swing dance partners Monica showing she can dance solo as well as she can partner dance!

Vivian Storm was dancing up a storm as usual in the courtyard.
Here is my merged video of Vivian Storm dancing and a couple of hits performed by The Academy.



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  1. its outdoors and most of us, at least the intelligent ones, are vaxed. but more importantly, is that all you can glean from this post? if so, you’re a sad sad person. this is a very fun and local event. thanks Debbie Downer.

  2. i’ll say the same thing as I said earlier, if this is all you can glean from the post, then you are a sad sad person. this is a very fun and local event. thanks Debbie Downer.
    they are outdoors, and most of us, the smarter ones, are vaxed.

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