Firefighters Save Toy Airplane

By Peter Vinyard

Santa Barbara firefighters save a kids radio-controlled airplane from the palm tree this morning at Chase Palm Park.



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  1. It is often pointed out on Edhat how “it doesn’t cost a dime because the fire fighters are just sitting around at the station anyway,” and so on. Really? So the gasoline and wear and tear and maintenance on the trucks comes free? Who knew?

  2. Didn’t cost a dime as we are already paying for them to sit at their station or do some training such is the case here. Oh, it would hit a tourist, more likely an urban outdoorsman sleeping it off under the palms.

  3. I had a fireman friend years ago tell me that each time they fire up the trucks and pull out of the station it costs $10K- That was 10 years ago- Seriously, the resources we pay for to “help” our society are being used for this?!?!?! WTH?!?!?! Whoever was the genius who called the SBFD in the first place should be charged the $10K!!!

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