Film Review: Point of Change

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Point of Change
Directed by Rebecca Coley
89 min – United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Indonesia
US Premiere – Subtitled

“Point of Change” is a documentary following two Australian surfers in search of the perfect wave.

In their quest they came across an obscure Indonesian island named Nias.There they found the perfect wave on this little unknown beach where they enjoyed having the perfect wave all to themselves.

The surfers enjoyed the locals and the culture of this quiet peaceful island only to set in motion much larger consequences when word got out about the perfect wave.

The island soon became over run with surfers and people who flocked to the island from all over the world. The locals capitalized on the tourism at the sacrifice of the innocence and peacefulness of their local paradise unaware of the destructive impact and consequences to the environment and culture of this once quiet island.

Then in December of 2004 the island was hit with a tsunami that further devastated the region. Not knowing if the shifting of the island from the tsunami destroyed the perfect wave, the island started to recover and the perfect wave was still perfect.

Today the lone remaining surfer reflected on what happened to the island with regret but it was outcome he did not foresee but inevitable. This was a nicely done documentary with vintage footage of this exceptional island.

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