Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Hike

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Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Hike
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By Robert Bernstein

This should be a good time for wildflowers on Figueroa Mountain. But things may be a bit late this year. It was dry during the usual wet time and then we had rain a bit later than usual in March. In any case, we ventured out there this past weekend to see for ourselves!

Here are all my photos!

There was a huge blanket of poppies on the top of Grass Mountain.

This is the area above the Midland School property near Michael Jackson's former Neverland Ranch. It is a rather steep and strenuous climb to get up there, so we just admired them from a distance.

We enjoyed the vistas along the long, windy road.

We stopped at a turnout where there used to be a variety of flowers. I especially remember Mariposa Lilies in the past. Mostly just grass where those used to be. We did see these views and flowers nearby:

A distant view of Grass Mountain and some farm buildings below:

A Blue Belly lizard in a tree watched us:

And these gnarled oaks were beautiful outside and in:

Some lovely carpets of Goldfields:

Heading further out along Figueroa Mountain Road we came to the dirt road on the left that heads back toward Grass Mountain. It was open to "Street Legal Vehicles", but there are some scary ruts that made us decide not to continue far.

Someone was living right there at the start of the dirt road

And there were some Bush Poppies

Past the Ranger Station on the left side there has always been a nice patch of poppies. That hillside has eroded quite a lot so the poppies have become more sparse. Still, it was worth a stop for photos!

We headed back toward Los Olivos on Figueroa Mountain Road.

We stopped at a high overlook facing Grass Mountain where others had stopped as well. Below the gravel parking area were some nice patches of flowers.

Plus some more spectacular views of Grass Mountain from that same area

Here is a panorama there

We did see some Lupine on the road in the lower area back near Los Olivos. But there was no safe place to park. It is possible there will be more flowers appearing in the next few weeks. Or, it may be that this is not a big year for flowers!

By the way... If you are wondering about my absence... We were in Tucson for a convention. I hope to have some photos to share from that long road trip!

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sbrobert Apr 19, 2018 03:05 PM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Hike

Here is a Google satellite image of the parking spot where we last stopped. It offers a perfect view of Grass Mountain. And it had the best variety of wildflowers to see up close. PII: Thanks for that information. I don't go there often enough to know. Best wishes, Robert

pii Apr 18, 2018 07:34 PM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Hike

My experience is that it is usually open. One steep spot, which I think a car can handle. I have a 2WD pickup.

sbrobert Apr 18, 2018 02:00 PM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Hike

Thank you all for the kind words. Thanks for the Lake Los Carneros tip, MGJ. CORTNEY26: The ruts were on the dirt road that goes to the top of Grass Mountain. That road is not usually even open to motor vehicles. Figueroa Mountain Road is in good condition. You will have no problems! Best wishes, Robert

cortney26 Apr 18, 2018 09:04 AM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Hike

You mentioned "scary ruts." Is that further up the road than the trailhead parking? I'm going up tomorrow for the first time to hike Grass Mountain and am wondering about the road conditions. Thanks for the update and for the beautiful pictures.

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