Edhat Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Wine & Puppies

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Scroll through the above photos by Edward Clynes

By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara community was invited to a free happy hour celebration at Carr Winery to celebrate edhat's 15th birthday. 

Edhat readers stepped out from behind the computer screen on April 24 and came together, not to debate ADU's or bicycle lanes, but to chat about all things Santa Barbara and pet the most adorable puppies.


Edhat partnered with Spark Rescue, a local nonprofit that rescues animals from kill shelters and places them in loving families. They are a 100% volunteer and foster-based rescue, meaning they do not have a physical shelter so all of these volunteers open up their homes to save animals. They brought 8 puppies, actual sleepy and hyper puppies, who played with one another and enjoyed cuddles and pets from edhat guests. How can you have a bad day with puppies around? Trick question, you cannot. There was a massive amount of love and snuggles as everyone received free therapy in the form of four-legged friends. 


Amazing local businesses and friends of Edhat donated some fantastic raffle prizes to benefit Spark Rescue. Guests had the option to purchase as many tickets as their arm lengths will allow for a set price. This lead to a lot of people introducing themselves to Santa Barbara City Councilmember Eric Friedman to borrow his wingspan.

Talented local musician Conner Cherland delighted crowds with his original songs and soulful melodies. He's now doing private concerts and parties, you should all check him out. 

Edhat was even honored by Gina Fischer from Santa Barbara County Supervisor Joan Hartmann's office with a Certificate of Recognition for bringing Santa Barbara together for the past 15 years. 

Every year we honor the winners of our annual March Edness photo hunt competition with a trophy and prize bag from local businesses. This year Britt won 1st Place, Penelope805 won 2nd place, and Rone with 3rd place. While Rone was only one able to make it to the party, they were honored ceremoniously. 

Spark Rescue told us they were able to adopt out several of their puppies and brought on new foster parents thanks to our party. Edhat reader Scott shared a photo with their new family member saying, "Thank you Edhat for connecting us with Indi! She’s such a sweet puppy and my kids love her and so do I! Here’s a picture and she’s very happy."

For anyone who is interested in adopting or fostering puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats, contact Spark Rescue here

Thank you everyone for celebrating with us. Edhat was founded in Nov 2003 by the late Peter Sklar as a community resource for neighbors to engage with one another. We continue to do that today by giving locals a voice. And it couldn’t be possible without all of your support, so thank you.

If you like being in the know on all things Santa Barbara, please support us so we can continue bringing the community together. You can upgrade your subscription and/or donate to us. We'll give you a high-five!

A very special thank you to Carr Winery for allowing us to take over their barrel room and patio while serving their delicous wine. Santa Barbara Catering Company provided a bountiful spread from artisanal cheeses to mini quiches and birthday cupcakes. Mesa Salsa Company cornered the market on fresh tomato goodness. The edhat staff also baked over 200 chocolate chip cookies as a tribute to edhat's founder. We're happy to say not even a crumb was left. Flower Folk created custom bouquets and arrangements just for our special day and they were stunning. Local photographer with an insane amount of talent, Edward Clynes, captured this fun-filled party in stunning images.

Big thank you to Lama Dog, M.Special, Spa Escape, Santa Barbara Zoo, Windrun Wine, Center Stage Theatre, Santa Barbara Bowl & Goldenvoice, SOhO, Creekside, 92.9 KJEE, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for the great raffle gifts. 

Thank you for all of your support and here's to another 15 years! 

Check out all the photos here.

Members of the Dedicated Staff of edhat.com
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a-1594026643 May 20, 2019 08:10 AM
Edhat Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Wine & Puppies

Great to see puppies being adopted. But, where are all these puppies coming from? How about we start addressing the irresponsibility of the people that are either giving up their pet, or those who have not had their pet spayed or neutered. It has become chic to adopt, but, that attitude also makes it easier to for the people to have a pet then realize they can't keep it for whatever reason, and give it up.

Luvaduck May 19, 2019 11:07 AM
Edhat Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Wine & Puppies

And if it turns out you have a barker who responds to every passer-by, blowing leaf or whatever, get a water-squirting collar and teach him/her to avoid becoming a neighborhood nuisance while he/she is young and wants to learn.

Luvaduck May 20, 2019 09:16 AM
Edhat Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Wine & Puppies

I agree with that, but often, both owners work outside the home, commute, and kids go to school & after school care. The situation is much different than when moms "didn't work"--except for cooking, cleaning, laundry, child & elder care, gardening, food preservation, sewing, ironing, vounteering at school. . . . Also, households often included a resident senior or two and had yards. I think it may be time to examine the wisdom of having pets if time and space are limited.

a-1594026643 May 19, 2019 01:24 PM
Edhat Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Wine & Puppies

LUVADUCK. Best "cure" for a barking dog is to make sure you're not leaving that dog alone for hours on end and also giving the dog, as other poster stated, loads of exercise. Barking dogs are a result of boredom on the dog's part and owners who don't "have enough time" or inclination to train their dogs.

a-1594026643 May 18, 2019 07:04 PM
Edhat Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Wine & Puppies

A few words of advice to all new puppy owners: exercise, exercise, exercise. Those puppies will be a lot less trouble (and get into a lot less trouble) if you make sure to tire them out every single day. And don't forget to spend loads of quality time with your new dog. Training when dogs are young will not only make for an obedient dog but also a dog which is allowed much more freedom. Best of luck.

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