Earl Warren Showgrounds Announces Renovation Plans

Earl Warren Showgrounds (courtesy photo)

Source: Earl Warren Showgrounds

The Board of Directors of the Earl Warren Showgrounds (19thDAA) and Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evacuation Team (SB Equine Evac) are pleased to announce the unanimous approval and official collaboration to begin a phased renovation plan for the equestrian center at Earl Warren Showgrounds. The plan has been broken into three phases to allow construction to proceed while the showgrounds maintains its full schedule of community events. 

The initial phase improvements approved for early 2020 address critical needs and prepare the facility to host multiple equestrian events during the 2020 show season.  These improvements include the upgrading of 2 to 3 barns; rebuilding the Mountain View arena and the Warm-up arena with new base and footing and portable fencing as well as the establishment of an endowment for continued maintenance of the arena footing for 5 years.   All improvements are anticipated to improve the condition of the entire grounds and ensure that Earl Warren becomes a long-term sustainable facility.

The project will be managed by SB Equine Evac board member Karen Christensen in collaboration with Showgrounds CEO Ben Sprague, with input from an equestrian advisory committee and the EWS staff. SB Equine Evac will donate the completed projects to the 19thDAA. The project will be funded through community donations made to Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evacuation Team Inc, a 501 (c) (3). 

“Unfortunately, Santa Barbara has faced a number of natural disasters and emergency situations in recent years.  The Showgrounds play a key role in providing a base for first responders and as an animal evacuation site.  Having a safe equestrian facility and the support of the SB Evac is key in our ability to continue this role,” said Board President Michael Medel.  

“It is incredibly gratifying to see the full spectrum of the equestrian community come together to design and plan the renovations which will allow the facility to return to prominence as a major competition facility” stated Vice President Mary Rose.

Kathy O’Connor, President of the SB Equine Evac Board states “This comprehensive phased approach provides the community with a sustainable facility for both emergency evacuations and community events.


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  1. I would love to see Earl Warren collaborate with the SBUSD and give some land to Adams School for a track and for visitor parking. Lots of grants out there for school improvements. Maybe they could find funding for a pedestrian bridge to eliminate that very dangerous road crossing on Las Positas. Only dangerous because adults drive like maniacs along there, even when the children are coming/going. Safe routes to School has grants for that also. Earl Warren, as a state venue, could certainly help the situation.

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